About Sagar U.S

“Small Aim is a Crime”
“Make Parents Proud”
“Always Give”

“Have fire🔥 in belly” 

Dedicated to my parents, guru’s, family, friends, the entire human race and last but not the least, it’s to “You” 

Namaste to all🙏, from Namma Bengaluru, Karnataka 💐

My Name is _ _ _ _ _ -. – 

19 1 17 1 18. 21 19

Guessing what’s that!

My strength is, I am creative and unique but not abnormal! 

S is 19th Alphabet 






That’s a just the teaser! 

Friends would be sharing my unique, creative, & innovative thoughts ranging from Stock Markets to life!

My Dream is to reach 1 MILLION Entrepreneurs and Impact them with financially, intellectually & spiritually

My Vision is to Make Youngsters to be part of INDIA‘S GROWTH STORY BUS


By helping them to understand equities markets

(Disclaimer – I, will not give any buying or selling recommendations)

Apart from stockmarkets ,we do  numerous projects -Check out the completed projects-

Whatsapp  @9731199114

The Big Day is Waiting !

Implementation is the key!! 

Rest is Crap …

Sagar U.S