Super Star, You are a Smart & Happy Person 100% !

If you’re Smart ,You should know how to be happy ! Period

How ?

1) Criticize themselves rather than others

2) Take responsibility rather than blame

3) Show initiative, create momentum

4) Take measured risks consistently

5) Low ego, listen to the more successful

6) Smart people avoid mistakes from the worst and absorb good habits from the best

8) Happy People Fall in Love

9) Falling in love with reading makes you wise.

10) Falling in love with writing makes you smart.

11) Falling in love with indiscipline makes you stupid.

12) Falling in love with Smoking/ drinking/drugs kills you faster.

13) Falling in love with efforts makes you talented.

14) Falling in love with yourselves makes you happy.

Happy people are growing people.

Superstar’s You are a happy person and a smart individual

Good Luck Infinite

Sagar U.S

200 Percent Return in 80 Minutes

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Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

29500 call option March 5th 2020

Current price is 110 , 80 bulls out ,above 120 – 160-200-240 !

Above 120 for minimum 15 to 30 minutes is a must.

Time now is 12.10 pm !

It will go above 120 ,bears will bring it 80, and then it should move above 120 for any movement

Trade from savings money

Options is for professionals

Every day is not a trading day

Disclaimer- This is for educational purposes,not a recommendation

Sagar U.S

Foreign Tourist Arrival in India

Foreign Tourist Arrivals (in Million) during 2017, 2018 and 2019 were 10.04, 10.56 and 10.89 (provisional) respectively. Thus there has been no decline in Foreign Tourist Arrivals to India during the last three years.

Destinations wise tourist visits is not centrally maintained in the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. However, details of top 10 States in terms of Foreign Tourist Visits (FTV) during 2018 are given below:

Sr. no.StateFTV  during 2018 (Revised)
1Tamil Nadu6074345
3Uttar Pradesh3780752
4Delhi *2740502
6West Bengal1617105


Sagar U.S

Small aim is a crime