Qualities To Become Great Investor!!!!!!!!

Each and every person has their own identity, feeling, thinking so on and so forth…but to become great investors what are the qualities required?

The answer is Patience!! Patience!! and and and Loads and loads of Patience…

In every profession we need enthusiasm, but not in stock market !!!!!

We need to be boring, dull at most of the investing time and sharpness in the stock market is required only when others are bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A stock market is a place where all games, rules are written, the common investor will be trapped by the rules of market participants if we play according to their game, so we need to change rules sorry the game itself…..

Then only we can make BIG money in stock market…

Stock Market Lessons

Never enter the stock market without knowledge, where there is knowledge there is money.

Fear and Greed rules the market.

Never regret in the stock market.

Before buying or selling analyze the stocks.

The stock market is not a rocket science, it’s a human science.

the stock market is not a human being, we human beings have made a stock market


This is my first post, I was thinking what to write, as I am not a writer, so let me evolve my writing skills from this moments.

To introduce myself :
Born and Bought up in Namma Bengaluru.

Sagar U.S- Sagar Udayshankar Saraswathi

My Passion and Interest: Understanding Human life and stock market!!!!!

So let’s start blogging!!!!