World GDP

GDP growth, 2018.

India: 7.3%
China: 6.6%
Pakistan: 5.8%
Egypt: 5.3%
Indonesia: 5.1%
Turkey: 3.5%
Australia: 3.2%
US: 2.9%
Saudi: 2.2%
Mexico: 2.2%
Canada: 2.1%
Germany: 1.9%
Nigeria: 1.9%
Russia: 1.7%
France: 1.6%
UK: 1.4%
Brazil: 1.4%
Italy: 1.2%
Japan: 1.1%
Iran: -1.5%

Fire in the belly – He is one of my role models!

Today, while traveling back from an event from maharani management college, took an auto, had a wonderful conversation with Lakshman sir(Driver)

Heart touching and Inspiring story !

I was looking for an auto to reach my destination , for a change to my thinking ,he stopped near me and asked where i need to travel,and graciously accepted !

Learning for me was  – he had a fire in his belly to earn ! Period !

That made me to ask more questions about him and learn few more ideas !

Conversation started with how was the day to how’s the life !

Lakshman sir has 2 beautiful daughters, one is studying in 6th and other in 2nd standard 

He felt happy, and started sharing his story while driving to my destination Malleswaram!

He said both of his daughters are studying in CBSE schools, his wife is a homemaker and takes care of them!

He is the sole bread earner to the family, laskshman is 9th child to their parents 

He has 7 brothers and one sister ! Big Family ! 

I, being in training “why” concept , asked him to teach his kids ,always to ask questions and ask “why ” in life 

Here the story started which was heart touching and inspiring !

He went to add on, his elder daughter has a disease which occurs 1 in 1 crore, unfortunately, in her right leg, 6 surgeries have been operated, 12 lakhs rupees have been spent till date!

This pain and fire have made him say “yes ” to all the customers from morning 7 am to 10 pm.

He further said, there is some exceptional time like, he has to have lunch or heading back to his house, he would gently say the same to the customer and say “no”!

But, he was so inspiring, he said, his 2 beautiful daughters, will bring joy to all in his family and world hopefully one day!

Next question triggered for me “why lakshman god ,why he needs to suffer like this !

Like Lakshman, there are infinite people, who have a story may be with small, or some with big pain and sufferings, nobody can escape, including me and all in one lifetime!

But what keeps them going in life = it’s fire in the belly !

Then, I thanked myself, god or nature has blessed us, let me have the gratitude and try to build a better society! but how, by showing genuine concerns or supporting him financially or emotionally? still, that’s a mystery to solve that!  

In the meantime, my destination was reached, the fare was 56 rs, I offered 100 rs, and said, sir, I don’t require the change, get your child one chocolate while going back from my side ( Disclaimer – it’s not a build up! I am not so wealthy to offer, but by 2025 for sure I will be richest emotionally, financially  & spiritually in billions, but God has given food and strength to offer bits and pieces now  ) that action was genuine from my side, the next thing was something unusual, he said he doesn’t want 10 rupees more, but will take a chocolate to her daughter tonight  and said what he earns doesn’t stay with him, why should I take more sir ! even you would have worked hard for this money was his logic ! 

OH MY GOD – Minute of silence struck to me !

A few days back, I used to travel by metro, thereby needed to take auto for 1 to 1.5 km nearby destination, I used to  get  a chance to  travel in auto, if the fare is 25, they used to take 30 rs and say no change , and a few times, before getting in, they would ask to give 20 rs more, 30 rs more, here is one guy, who has huge pain, but still ethical and has a fire in the belly !

This kind of people ,we can see in every street ,we need to identify and teach our kids about them !

 He is one of my role model !

He said thanks for the offer, but at last, I offered the flower bouquet, which was given to me a few minutes back in one event, he graciously accepted and said he would give to his elder daughter 

Thought of sharing ! Shared ! 

Sagar U.S

My Bet For 5 to 7 Years

It’s a roller coaster, upward, downward, sideways, water, food, dance, fun, family and friends

Guess the stock!

My bet is ready to lose 30 to 50 percent

Return expected is 300 to 400 percent

My hometown bangalore and the clue is keep wondering

Currently trading at 290

Disclaimer – Do consult your advisor and ur analysis

Trade less, trade from saving

Sagar U.S

BankNifty November PLAN update


Refer the above link and read last few paragraphs for the plan! 

Had written what should be my plan in November

It has played exactly same, thanks to markets 🙏

BNF first made a low of 24355, but close low was 24440 odd, from that level it’s been a u turn till today high 

What’s the high today, I am surprised it’s 26332, and still yet to come or done (markets will give clue) 

Had written my plan on October 25th, bnf has achieved by November 16th 

And, by the way we have another 8 days for this expiry

Strategy and observation is key to success 

Thanks BankNifty for the support

Around 1000 points move I have caught, but you have given me 1500 points opportunity 

Happy to take 1000 points any month 

Sagar U.S

Bank Nifty November 15th Expiry update

From 1.50 PM 13th November till 3.40 PM November 15th 2018

Bank Nifty from 25640, has not looked back and made a high of 26197

200 points risk, which I had kept, but banknifty did not fall 20 points from 25640 levels, its a one side movement 600 points positional return, that was banknifty for the week

However made a intraday pullback that was expected!

Thank you Bank Nifty

Bless us and support us 🙏

Sagar U.S