Day 1 or _ ?

Superstar’s , have a task for you .

Mention your date of birth in this link and find out , how many minutes, seconds ,days, months and weeks have passed by in this beautiful universe

Then , realize it’s day 1 or _ ?

This small thought provoking task will change your mindset from this second.

Wish you good luck infinite.

Everyone wants extraordinary lives,

no one wants to take extraordinary risks.

Sagar U.S


Cheating here could be from tiny to large .

Our answers may converge or differ, depending upon which hat we wear, there are two hats in our life -thinking and reality hat .

Now, take your thinking hat and choose which statement you believe infinite.

1. We don’t Cheat

2.We Cheat when we can get away with it

3. We Cheat unknowingly

4. We Cheat Knowingly

5.We Cheat , because there is no other way around

6. We Cheat, because cheating is new normal.

Now, Take your Reality Hat ,have you behaved or conducted like your thinking hat in reality too?

If the answer matches – You are a Honest Superstar.

Honesty should not be expected from others. We should be honest to ourselves.

In Turn , Cheating gets defeated without the battle.

Sagar U.S