How to Build One Habit for Lifetime .

James Clear book has been an eye opener .

He Says any habits to stick you need to make a specific plan for when, where and how you will perform the task .

Example – I need to Build a habit of walking

I need to plan like this –

Everyday (when) I will walk in Sankey Tank( Place) at 7 AM (Time)

I need to Build a habit of reading

Everyday ( When ) I will read in my room at 8.30 PM.

I need to Build a habit of Cycling

Monday , Wednesday and Friday (when ) I will go for cycling around my locality (where) at 6.30 AM.

Habit sticks only by repetition and practice ,on a average give around 60 days time .

So, now go and figure it out ,what’s your plan .

Good Luck Infinite with your habits .

Sagar U.S