Failure Gets Medal, Winners Become Failure. Gold Loves Winner or Failure ?

Everyone Wants Gold Medal.

Let’s be honest for few seconds – You and Me both want gold medal in everything we do in life from early morning to late night.

No shame in accepting !

Society remember only those name who bags gold medal.

History Quizzes only who won the gold medal.

Gold is very smart , it attracts like a magnet to those who has one ingredient in their resume.

That’s Called Failure.

Yes , It’s fact .

It never attracts to lazy, who has no dream, passion, vision, mission,goal, purpose, commitment, discipline and patience.

To put in few words ,it never attracts to wisher ,it attracts to doer.

The best friend’s of gold must possess few things in their armour . Firstly they should be ease at failure , should have the stamina to fail massively, uniquely and early .

It requires massive repeatation to convince the gold to trust and gain friendship.

Gold believes and trust ,only those who has a infinite willpower , who can shed infinite kilogrammes of sweat , fragrance of that should last and spread across day and night ,months and years and decades of toiling .

Gold has a superpower to feel the fragrance ,once it finds the genuineness of hardwork and love towards the task, it blesses with open heartedness and gives a space in its palace.

We call them as Winners ,Legend ,Goat and Moat.

To be Honest they are the original failures who has failed in every step from the beginning till the podium .

At the Podium , Society address as the most successful person in the planet.

But the true winner knows it’s not a gold medal it’s a failure medal . Which they have earned it .

Let’s embrace the failure and strive to win the failure medal.

Here is a good news , if you are experiencing any failures, and facing them every day , bingo – gold has almost hunted and identified you .

Gold is Hunting You. You are not Hunting.

This Article is in 2D (2 Dimensions) Format.

Sagar U.S

Reliance @ 3500.

Current Price is 1800.

3 Years back , Identified at 550.

Another 1 times in next few years.

Any Corrections, Keep piling up.

Big Investors won’t aspire for 100 percent return,they want 500 to 1000 percent.

Reliance Jio would be listed , public would go GA GA.

Reliance would be listed in US Soon.

Reliance =Fixed Deposit.

Buying should be done in good quantities only when it falls .

Stoploss is must . Multiple Stoploss.

Who knows some bad event or news would bring it down .

Final Stoploss would be 1000 to 1250

I would keep updating any triggers occurs.

Let’s see.

This is not recommendations.

This is for my education purpose .

Stock Markets is with Savings Money

Sagar U.S