Mistakes ?

1. What is Mistake ?

Mistake is an error, or a wrong act , it’s a action committed with ignorance , stubbornness, ego , half cooked knowledge or quarter baked attitude , lack of wisdom, or could be an action of finding through experimentation or may be unintentionally committed action.

Mistakes brings sadness, hopelessness, misery and also results in loss which could be of emotionally , physically & financially.

2. Can we Survive without making mistake ?


3. Before the action ,do we know it’s a mistake?

No. In some cases exceptions – few of them are aware their actions which can be termed as mistake ,yet march on to it as a marathon sprinter . This article is not for them . Period.

4. Then what is Mistake ?

Which is not correct.

5. How to know whether it’s correct or wrong ?

By Actions . By Doing things , By Creating, By Producing ,By Any Means in Action.

6. Does anyone knows what’s correct in advance ?


7. Then who has the authority to say it’s a mistake?

Those who has done mistakes.

8. Sorry ,not able to understand?

Before Correctness , Mistakes Happens .

Those who has done Infinite mistakes , package all activities and has given a name called correctness. They are known as Society.

9. Then ,why do society blames who does mistake?

Society wants us to make new mistake and figure it the correct answers by ourselves

Society rewards , to those who find the right answers . They are the one who are ruling the world – Entrepreneurs.

Society won’t accept mistakes which are solved and has manual of correct answers .

10. How to avoid mistake?

We can’t.

11. Better question to ask is how to minimise the mistake?

By observing others , by asking questions about their mistake , by learning from their mistake and finally learning from our mistakes

12. How much time required to learn from others mistake and our mistake?

Infinite to fools . Finite to Wise .

13. Who is a wise then ? Because I am not fool.

Wise is one ,who is ready to act and double ready to learn from his or her actions. Infinite ready to keep learning from others mistake.

14. I don’t know anyone , I have limited access to those people who have done infinite mistakes and succeeded, no one is advising me on anything ,in this case how to go about ?

Then , You are a master of your destiny. Act , learn , Repeat . In the process , record the mistake and stop doing the mistake.

15. How many times it’s acceptable to do mistake ?

Till it hurts you and others .

16. I want to be successful ?

Act – Mistake – Learn – Again Act – Mistake – Act Again – less mistake this time – society calls that’s as Success. Act Again – Lesser mistake than last time – society calls this as most successful.

17. Conclusion , Mistakes =Successful?


18. I am not making any mistake? Nor any one criticising me ?

It means you are not in growth mode . You are in aeroplane mode .

19. I want to be in growth mode ,what to do ?

Solve your problems and society problem

20. How ?

By Doing Mistake .

Superstar’s, Let me know the answer , mistakes are best or super best ?

Sagar U.S

Published by

Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

3 thoughts on “Mistakes ?”

  1. 1st we should test and lonch the product then only we will understand the product will run in market or not like that only we should learn from mistakes

    Thank you sir for this blog super
    Learn relearn and then only we can make less mistakes


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