What is Investment ?

“What is investment?

Usain Bolt won 8 gold medals in 3 Olympics, and he only ran for less than 115 seconds on the track, earning $119 million dollars. That’s economy of effort.

But for those 2 minutes, he trained for 20 years. That’s investment. Think long term. Patience pays.

Sell your time to yourself.
Sell the product of your time to everyone else.

Remember & Reminder

You are a Superstar.

Sagar U.S

Sun Moon !

Burn like Sun ,To Shine like Sun .

Sun , reminds us to be humble,gentle and to bend our head towards mother earth .

If , we throw our arrogance and raise our ego ,greed and head towards upside ,we are bound to get burned in seconds . Power of Sun .

Sun, reminds us to see brightness every second, minute and hours

Sun ,wants us to have clear vision and focus , henceforth it shines with infinite brightness.

Love You Infinite “Sun”

Moon –

Be as Cool as Moon .

Moon, reminds us to lift our heads in darkness. Once head is towards up, it’s a sign of uptrend in darkness

Moon ,is a symbol of Infinite friendship , it’s waiting for our deep and meaningful friendship ,all it want from us,is to lift our head and observe for few minutes every night.

Moon wants us to be like a star ,yes like a superstar ,just like Star’s reside next to Moon.

Love You Infinite “Moon”

12 hours Bend the head – When things are going according to us .

12 hours Lift the head – When things seem bit challenging .

Sagar U.S

(My Nick Name in my family is -“Sun Moon”)

Less > More ?

Expect Less , Help More

Judge Less , Trust More

Jealous Less , Love More

Scroll Less , Create More

Streaming Less , Reading More

Fear Less , Believe More

Worry Less , Live More

React Less , Smile More

Work Less, Productivity More

Talk Less, Say More

Anger Less, Patience More

Think Less, Do more

Copy Less, Innovate More

Buy Less, Build More

Thank You

Sagar U.S