New World !

The World today is not the same world we were living last few month back or last few year’s back .

It has changed in a blink of an eye .

It’s for good or bad – Time will answer ! To be more brutally honest ,there is nothing called good or bad . It’s our imagination and perception.

In this New world ,we need to adjust fast & start accepting this real plain hard hitting truth which has hit us in never expected speed.

We need to live without any crap and complaining in this new normal world ,but how ?

By replacing our old thoughts processes ,rules and systems.

Old Jobs are gone ,old skills are gone , we need to embrace that and move one.

As per the reports, crore’s of jobs have vanished in few weeks.

Formal Sector is going to be more cut throat in hiring and cost cutting would be order of the year .New way of doing business will emerge and only few can survive who can adapt fast .

Informal Sector – God Knows what may happen for those who are dependent on daily income and wages .

The New world require’s ,new skill ,new thought process and new outlook to survive and thrive.

This is a crisis ,once in a century , as they say every crisis brings new opportunities.

Who can seize that opportunity ?

Only who learns, unlearn and relearn fast !

Buckle Up , Improve On Yourself ! But Never Guarantee yourself success ,just show up now ,rest will take care of itself!

Don’t sit blank and face the music ,it’s time to create the music – Go out and figure it out ,what may not change in next 5 to 10 years and work on that skills , processes and jobs .

New ways of doing each and every activity has began in each and every jobs and work processes, some will fizzle out ,few would stick on in few years down the line.

Trail and Error , Research Mindset and Implementation is the key now.

The New World require’s ?


Superstar’s who can show leadership, calmness, and who can lead ,learn to accept the unknown.

That should be yours and mine agenda.

Good luck infinite to both of us.

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a crime