C for – ?

Thing’s I’ve learnt from last few weeks ( Feb 14th to March 16th)

-Fear & Panic Spreads like wild fire ,if we don’t control our mind

-Patience & Intelligence bunks when noise & gossips enters the room of infinite brain

-People have forgotten to sit silently in a room -in their “own”personal room

-TECHNOLOGY helps infinite, if we know how to use

-Fool destroy’s TECHNOLOGY ,by not knowing how to use

-Technology doesn’t discriminate, it’s a best friend to a wise & to a fool

-Everyone wants to live ,but no body has hopes on humanity

-Everyone knows everything ,everything they know is fake & second level thinking

-Everyone are causal, & Everyone wants everyone to be serious

-Few are working ,risking & caring for the Majority

-Everyone wants to be few,but that’s only in words not in action

-whatever ,however,whenever -one thing is certain humans have seen ,been and conquered anything & everything -that’s the story they say to themselves at least – Thank — !

-Script & Direction is by The Bigg Boss ( God & Nature ) who has many twists and turns ,till date it has been a mystery to solve

-Then who solves it ? who creates it, will solve it !

-Till then “you ” & “me ”

Sit Silently in a “Room” !

By the Way ,What is C for ?

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

BankNifty Magic Number! Part 1-March 2020

BankNifty is trading at 23650 at 1.30 PM,16-03-2020 .

Disclaimer – This is for my educational Purpose !

Not a Recommendation,consult your Financial advisor

Derivatives is only for Professionals.

Trade only from Savings Money.

Now, My view ! I could be wrong,it’s not my opinion matters ,it’s market action.Period !

Magic Number is 24300-24500 ! Anything above this level and closes for a day to two,one more day as a buffer ,it’s a clue that bulls would recover from the massive onslaught.

From there where ? 25200-25900 ! From there where ? No body Knows !

Just to make my ego happy , let me say from 25900-27400-27700 !

Closing Basis is key !

Bears below 23350 on closing basis for 2-3 days would pull upto 22650!

Below 22650 for a week on a closing basis ,means they would slide upto 21500

21500- from there ?

Part 2 – To be continued !

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime