RBI & Govt of India Time to Act !

Time is 12.20 PM ,18th March 2020

US, UK ,Europe & Asia have announced strong economy measure to boost their markets,whats holding our country ?

It’s time for action, massive action !

Rate Cut ?

Buyback Tax Deductions ?


GST Reduction?

Loans Payment Postponement ?

Direct Cash to the Individuals account ?

Sectoral Reform ?

Ban Short Selling (Possible Now) or Close the Markets for some time ( May be last options ) not now -Slim chance of closing markets.

Do whatever ,but take a massive action .Period!

Have a gut Feeling,they are waiting for weekly tomorrow Thursday expiry , somewhere my infinite sense is urging me to write this – Govt will take action by next Wednesday or Friday ! let’s see !

If not , by then , Market would be attacked by Corona massively !

Sagar U.S