RBI & Govt of India Time to Act !

Time is 12.20 PM ,18th March 2020

US, UK ,Europe & Asia have announced strong economy measure to boost their markets,whats holding our country ?

It’s time for action, massive action !

Rate Cut ?

Buyback Tax Deductions ?


GST Reduction?

Loans Payment Postponement ?

Direct Cash to the Individuals account ?

Sectoral Reform ?

Ban Short Selling (Possible Now) or Close the Markets for some time ( May be last options ) not now -Slim chance of closing markets.

Do whatever ,but take a massive action .Period!

Have a gut Feeling,they are waiting for weekly tomorrow Thursday expiry , somewhere my infinite sense is urging me to write this – Govt will take action by next Wednesday or Friday ! let’s see !

If not , by then , Market would be attacked by Corona massively !

Sagar U.S

C for – ?

Thing’s I’ve learnt from last few weeks ( Feb 14th to March 16th)

-Fear & Panic Spreads like wild fire ,if we don’t control our mind

-Patience & Intelligence bunks when noise & gossips enters the room of infinite brain

-People have forgotten to sit silently in a room -in their “own”personal room

-TECHNOLOGY helps infinite, if we know how to use

-Fool destroy’s TECHNOLOGY ,by not knowing how to use

-Technology doesn’t discriminate, it’s a best friend to a wise & to a fool

-Everyone wants to live ,but no body has hopes on humanity

-Everyone knows everything ,everything they know is fake & second level thinking

-Everyone are causal, & Everyone wants everyone to be serious

-Few are working ,risking & caring for the Majority

-Everyone wants to be few,but that’s only in words not in action

-whatever ,however,whenever -one thing is certain humans have seen ,been and conquered anything & everything -that’s the story they say to themselves at least – Thank — !

-Script & Direction is by The Bigg Boss ( God & Nature ) who has many twists and turns ,till date it has been a mystery to solve

-Then who solves it ? who creates it, will solve it !

-Till then “you ” & “me ”

Sit Silently in a “Room” !

By the Way ,What is C for ?

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

BankNifty Magic Number! Part 1-March 2020

BankNifty is trading at 23650 at 1.30 PM,16-03-2020 .

Disclaimer – This is for my educational Purpose !

Not a Recommendation,consult your Financial advisor

Derivatives is only for Professionals.

Trade only from Savings Money.

Now, My view ! I could be wrong,it’s not my opinion matters ,it’s market action.Period !

Magic Number is 24300-24500 ! Anything above this level and closes for a day to two,one more day as a buffer ,it’s a clue that bulls would recover from the massive onslaught.

From there where ? 25200-25900 ! From there where ? No body Knows !

Just to make my ego happy , let me say from 25900-27400-27700 !

Closing Basis is key !

Bears below 23350 on closing basis for 2-3 days would pull upto 22650!

Below 22650 for a week on a closing basis ,means they would slide upto 21500

21500- from there ?

Part 2 – To be continued !

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

Dear You,

Dear You,

You are good enough.

You are smart enough.

You are strong enough.

You are beautiful enough.

You are kind enough.

You are brave enough.

You are inspiring.

You are loved.

You are cared for and you are powerful.

You are enough and you will always be.

You are Superstar

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

Markets Crash = Life Time Opportunity -Part 2

The below article was written on Feb 28th 2020


Bank Nifty had closed @ 30187

Nifty had Closed @ 11633

Sensex had Closed @ 39687

Today’s Price is History ! Next 6-9 Months Mouth Watering Opportunity would evolve !

Current Price of Bank Nifty @ 23900

Current Price of Nifty @ 9580

Sensex @ 32800

Next 6-9 Months , Biggest opportunity for lifetime in “INDIAN STOCK MARKETS DISCOUNT SESSION” has started !

Have complied the stocks list and waiting for the Nature and Markets to support me and you .

When everybody was greedy ,i was fearful, i didn’t provide any ideas from last few years !

Now everybody is fearful, i am greedy , have pressed the accelerator button and am on full throttle to buy from today to next 6-9 months ! i don’t know till how long it may last !

Three beautiful words in English and in Stock Markets is ” I don’t know “.

Disclaimer – I believe in humanity , people will solve the current problems, they have done from the centuries ,this too shall pass .

This is Mother of Overreaction of all time !

Wish me Good luck Infinite Superstar’s and I wish you good luck infinite too .

Sagar U.S

Trade from savings money in Markets.

Now, people understand why they need to invest in Savings money in markets.

People used to laugh ,when i didn’t give ideas(opportunities) on markets

People used to laugh ,when i used to say invest from Savings Markets .

Now, I pray infinite for those who have stuck in markets, and wish them well .

Small aim is a crime

Part 3 to be Continued !