100 % Return 100 Seconds – BANKNIFTY 27/2/20

Bank Nifty is Trading at 30050 now at 9.43 !

Disclaimer – This is for Educational Purpose Post, Trade and Invest From Savings Money

Options is for Professional traders.

Derivatives is like a business not a hobby game .

Please consult your advisor !

Let me come to my plan for the day – Am tracking 30000 Put Options Bank Nifty

Magic Number is 60-80 ( Range ) above this by 2 2.40 -and trades above this for 20 minutes minimum – may fly upto 120-160-200-240 from there on sky is the limit

Magic number below 40 by 2.40-2.55 PM, and below 30 by 3.01 PM , “0” is the final destination !

Tracking 30000 Call options Bank nifty

Magic Number is 80 , below this by 2 PM, bulls tough to comeback ,however last hope is 40 ,if trades below from 2.40 to 3.05 – “o” final destination !

My plan is for observation – if you are able to understand markets better ,i would be happy for you.

Sagar U.S

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