What is Social Media according to Me ?

Super Star’s ,this is my view .

What’s Your View – Comment please ?

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Sagar U.S

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8 thoughts on “What is Social Media according to Me ?”

  1. It’s become one plateform for al sorts of nonsense now a days ..n v as public r really entertaining it..it’s sucks our time n the same way v r addicted also ..
    V do get very useful message n knowledge ..but negatively attracts 😂

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  2. One of the best platform to achieve and showcase your talent to the world with less support … Ofcourse it’s not just social platform but also motivating and knowledge platform…
    Ofcourse which connects old contacts lost contacts from any corner of the world
    When we see others post , we indirect inspire to be like them and try our best to go there …
    Most importantly it all depends on how we use …

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  3. Social media where it helps to know about many things that we don’t no…
    From this we get advantage and disadvantage also.
    This social media will spoil all generation people so all have been addicted to that only…they can’t be sitting simply for a second also they start using…..

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