Markets Crash = Opportunity ?

Indian Stock Market Biggest Discount Season starts from today !

Global Markets have crashed from last 2 weeks , Big Brother US have crashed 10 percent in past 10 days, same goes with Asian and European Markets .

Indian Markets too have joined the global bandwagon.

What it means to new investors and traders ?

Get ready for the biggest discount season ,the season has started, good quality stocks would correct and come down with this fear, let’s pick the quality stock .

When ?

Let the dust settle down, we need to be extra cautious,never be smart in market and buy now

We need strategy .

What about existing investor ?

If you bought quality stock ,do not worry ,it will rebound.

If entered stock markets for fun , market will show the fun now .

Super Star ,wish and pray the fear of the virus goes away .

Indian Stock Market Biggest Discount season has started from today !

Let’s see what happens in next few weeks and months .

Will update the stocks in part 2 ,which i would be tracking

Season will last for sometime ,no hurries

Invest from Savings money

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

100 % Return 100 Seconds – BANKNIFTY 27/2/20

Bank Nifty is Trading at 30050 now at 9.43 !

Disclaimer – This is for Educational Purpose Post, Trade and Invest From Savings Money

Options is for Professional traders.

Derivatives is like a business not a hobby game .

Please consult your advisor !

Let me come to my plan for the day – Am tracking 30000 Put Options Bank Nifty

Magic Number is 60-80 ( Range ) above this by 2 2.40 -and trades above this for 20 minutes minimum – may fly upto 120-160-200-240 from there on sky is the limit

Magic number below 40 by 2.40-2.55 PM, and below 30 by 3.01 PM , “0” is the final destination !

Tracking 30000 Call options Bank nifty

Magic Number is 80 , below this by 2 PM, bulls tough to comeback ,however last hope is 40 ,if trades below from 2.40 to 3.05 – “o” final destination !

My plan is for observation – if you are able to understand markets better ,i would be happy for you.

Sagar U.S

100 Seconds -100 Percent Return ! 20/2/20

Once my numbers triggers ,I would buy and sell in flash ! Example buy at 70 ,sell at 90

Example sell at 30 ,buy at 20 !

I don’t want entire ocean of profit ,I would be happy for small portion of profit !

Not able to understand ,forget it !

Bank Nifty has closed at 30850 .

Today My eyes are locked on two weekly options contract.

30600 put options

31000 call options

Magic Number is – 31000 on Bank Nifty Index,above this level by second half – i.e after 1-2 PM, banknifty will fly !

30600 on Bank Nifty ,below by second half , banknifty will crash !

Nothing is Certain ,if we want certain ,do not enter markets

Trade from Only savings money

Derivatives only for professional

31000 call option should be above 57, by second half or else “0”

ONLY Above 60-120-180 after that God knows !

30600 put options -Magic Number is 63 ,above this -94,123,156,210 and above !

Below 63 ,by second half ,”0″!

Bank Nifty close within the range of 30600 to 31000 ,both the options will give 100 percent return each !

Don’t be tempted to follow my advice,observe and find your own truth and discovery

By so, if you learn ,I would be happiest!

Disclaimer- This is not recommendation,this is sole purpose of education

Consult your advisor

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime

Mission #1 Million Entrepreneur

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