My Biggest Guru

Who is a Guru ?

Who is your Guru ?

You figure it out yourself .

Okay, let me introduce my “Guru”

Life’s biggest guru is “Pain” , however no body of us, want to be disciple nor follow the one and only guru of this universe

Everything in this planet starts with pain.

Mother undergoes pain to deliver the baby.

Pain teaches us valuable and important lessons ,it makes us stronger ,it helps us to grow, it makes us succeed .

Then, why don’t we fold our hand and bow our head to the biggest guru of ours “pain” and say – ” i am ready to learn the lesson from you , I will not run away from you ,and finally i will understand the clues and lesson from the pain “

To cross the ocean of success ,we need to first cross the bridge called pain

If we, keep on cribbing about fear ,loss and failure ,we would never cross the ocean of success

If Arjuna wouldn’t come across pain ,Sri Krishna wouldn’t have preached Bhagavad-Gita !

The stone which takes maximum hits(pain) , becomes idol

The tree which takes maximum hits(pain),bears the best fruit

Instead of getting anxiety , sadness and stress on pain, let’s think, what is it, going to teach us, this small perspective can make huge change.

Let’s be aware of our pain, and think remedy for that .By doing so ,we would become fearless and bold

My Biggest Guru – Pain

Just came across this learning from Suvarna Sharma B.R

Thought of sharing to all my Superstar’s !

Sagar U.S