I,was ashamed,learn from my mistake !

Before ,you learn from my mistake – what’s happening with our Youngster’s of today !

You guessed it – it’s not that screaming and anger from past one month ( which needs to be solved urgently -period) but my domain and topic is not that for the day !

It’s other anger of lossing and screaming !

Irony is both the scream and anger – have one common place – Beautiful Assam!


Khelo India Youth Games 2020 which is happening in Assam

Do you know when was the events started – January 10th ,okay forget it !

Do you know when it will end – January 22 ,2022 ! Okay forget it !

No worries ,I am your guide till you finish the article !

We are a country of few sports , to be honest country of cricket ! Agree ? okay disagree ? Whatever please take a single stand and read next sentence !

Thanks !

Let me share my experience of today’s morning , myself to be blamed and guilty , had been to ground to play ,ya you guessed it -cricketttttt !

Something was murmuring in my ears “first change myself before changing others “

I, noticed lots and lots of kids from the age of 6 years with helmet,bat ,pad & ball, looking so adorable and replica of lilly put practising in the professional nets , roughly around 150-250 of them were present , yes this a story of one ground in one locality ,think about all over the country – imagine how many would have turned up all over the country!

That could be in lakhs minimum, that’s a good news – sad story is for just one game – Cricket !

Supply is too much ,for the slot of few hundred opening ( from domestic to international representation) in cricket !

Yes ,we have explored to others sports in last decade with advent of premier Leagues (thank Modiji – not what you imagined ,it’s Lalit Modiji)- today we have IPL Kabbadi, Badminton, Football, Boxing, and few more

Do you know there is an premier League happening currently ?

It’s called ISL – okay let me be your assistant – it’s Indian Super League ( Football)

Do you know which are the top two teams in points table : don’t worry ,even I didn’t knew ,few minutes back – my friend google helped ! It’s Goa and our State Karnataka’s Bengaluru FC !

Now , imagine you landed back to Assam for khelo India Youth Games – do you know what’s the age limit for the participation – don’t search google!

Under 17 age category and Under 21 age category can take part in this events

Do you know – How many Sporting events are there ?

Yes – there are 20 events

Sports event are – Archery,Athletics,




Kabaddi,Kho-Kho,Lawn Bowl,


Table Tennis,Tennis,Volleyball,

Weightlifting and Wrestling

Each State and Union Territory take parts !

Okay , as of this second ,do you know – what’s the medal tally – you can search google later !

Karnataka tally shocked me ? Check out !

Around 10000 athletes are participating around India , 451 events from 20 sports discipline are held !

Every year best performing 1000 participants are given an annual scholarship of Rs 500,000 for 8 years to prepare them for international sporting events.

I have made a mistake of leaning towards cricket ,for next 10 days why can’t we track ,watch ,share about this sports events and make our family kids to explore to new sports !

What do you say Superstar’s ?

Time has come, this decade we need to explore more and more of other sports and there are numerous icons and inspiration from challenging background are inspiring us !

Today is also Youth day !

It’s a birth anniversary one of our India’s greatest son

Swami Vivekananda once said, you will be nearer to heaven through football(sports) than through the study of the Gita/Bible/Quoran

Let’s Build Character, Community and country through Sports !

For a change let’s look in to others sports discipline like , running, throwing & jumping

Khelo India Khelo !

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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