Who am I

Once upon a time ,there was a person who used to toil day in and day out or should I say minute to minute ! Literally till his last day of the work or last second of his work !

Earlier he was visible yet invisible now he is invisible, yet he is irreplaceable, unmatchable

He was the most hardworking talented guy who was created only through sheer patience, sweat, grit and grind !

He was the go to person for his fellow workers ,whenever there was a crisis – they give him the opportunity to work , actually to be honest ,work was waiting for his gracious presence – not a exaggeration!

He never disappointed ! He showed his spark every time when there was darkness

He become sticky ,tasty and protector to his fellow workers

However ,he resembled like a water to his fellow workers, henceforth they used him for various kind of activities , being a character of sheer steel ,he never used to say “No” for his fellows requests ,he used to happily accept and it was a pride & honour for him to stand shoulder to shoulder for his fellow workers

He used to work in a style of his own ,he used to make others bogged down by his work approach ,at times boring , even tested the time clock , he was criticized for his work,as time passes, few co- fellows didn’t know the value of what kind of strong sand ,wall and brick he was made of ,he was thrown out of working environment

He went back to his lab ,fire in him turned his weakness in to strength ,but the biggest lethal weapon he developed was on his strengths, – he become much more invincible and unconquerable on his strengths!

The new skills with old wisdom he came back ,did his job in a most calmness and composed manner ,which was unthinkable & unimaginable

He was mirror for class, elegant and behaviour

His fellow workers were too hugely talented, gifted , charming and lightening in their work too , at times or to say most of his entire work time ,he worked under their shadow !

Day of sunshine arrived to him,but it was short lived in his very important work of his lifetime

As time passes , he was sidelined , finally on judgement day ,job didn’t deserve him!

His accomplishments fetched him lots of love , affection above all – not a single haters

He was a man of few words and more of a action !

He will be remembered for no show off, no gimmicks ,no baggage of his past works, he will be remembered as gentle a man ever lived in this planet of 22 catchment tiny yards

Tiger Zinda Hai and he has more to offer !

One Sun ,One Moon and Nineteen Seventy Three Stars

One One- One

“Who am I “

Sagar U.S

Published by

Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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