Happy Birthday To Rocking Star – 2D Letter !

Thinking Big is a synonymous for you

Working and implementing for that separates you from the rest

In that Journey ,being original is the only ingredient ,which crosses across boundaries , that’s your stamp.

Boldness joins when beliefs builds ,belief comes when fear of losing is put on rest ! To make fear rest ,passion must be pro active every milie seconds, passion agrees only when heart is filled for others

When Heart is overflowing with pureness ,it reflects in attitude !

Attitude sparkles only when we take a stand for a cause ,thats when gangster (Hero) becomes monster( National Super Star) !

When others are awestruck for the past achievements,and decoding your success formula ,you have already stumped them with the new game – with new rules – with same infinite zeal ! Because life is me Vs me !

That comes only, when oneself is connected with mother earth ! That’s a masterpiece !

Mother Earth showers the success crown with brightest light through near and dear ones – that’s the final magic , which satisfies the inner soul – that’s known as one big family and friends !

You are an inspiration boss ,for all the new dreamers

We wish you infinite happy birthday brother , this is the beginning !



Sagar U.S