Dear Internet, Thank You.

Anyone can be merchant (Amazon)

Anyone can be taxi driver (Uber/Ola)

Anyone can be journalist (Twitter)

Anyone can be investor (Bitcoin)

Anyone can be movie director (Youtube)

Anyone can be hotel owner (AirBnb/OYO )

Anyone can learn (Wikipedia)

Anyone can teach (Quora)

Anyone can be writer (Blog)

Anyone can be happy( choice)

Anyone can be smart (choice)

Anyone can be discipline (Choice)

Anyone can be wise(choice)

Anyone can be rich (choice)

Anyone can be Superstar(Choice)

Dear Internet, thank you.

Superstar’s , Just take a moment to be thankful for the huge amount of valuable information you have access to for FREE! Compare that to previous generations. Be grateful, stop complaining and jump start your self education.

Sagar U.S


That was Part 1 – written on July 11th 2019

Dr Reddy was trading at 2645 on July 11 2019

Today Price – 3210 !

Curiosity for next few months to quarter ?

MAGIC Number is 3250 – Any close for weeks to two months – will take this stock to sky.

Till where 3550-3750-4000 – After that we shall take a call.

But markets are not certain ,bears would try to pull back upto 3080 – if they succeed they will push down upto 2940 ,from there 2850-2620- After that we shall take a call.

Small aim is a Crime

Sagar U.S

It’s not a recommendation nor suggestion-it’s for educational purpose

Trade From Savings Money

Trade less

Do your own Analysis

Life is Fragile -“I’m heartbroken and devastated”

Kobe Bryant, 41, was traveling with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna  to his youth basketball academy when they and seven other people perished in the crash. The helicopter had been given special approval to fly around Burbank in foggy weather

“I’m heartbroken and devastated” to know this news yesterday .

He was a legend in NBA( Los Angeles lakers) Bryant was an 18-time ALL STAR, 15-time member of the ALL NBA TEAM , 12-time member of the ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM , and the 2008 NBA MOST VALUABLE PLAYER  (MVP). Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he led the NBA in scoring  during two seasons, ranks fourth on the league’s all -time regular season scoring , and ranks fourth on the all time postseason scoring  list. Bryant was the first guard in NBA history to play at least 20 seasons . According to Forbes,Bryant’s net worth was estimated at $350 million in 2016 ,today worth around $500 Million .

Just Listen to this – This Sums up about this Legend

What’s the lesson –

Before that watch this

  1. Life is Fragile – We don’t know what may happen next minute sorry next second.
  2. Go out and Just Spread Infinite Love – Nothing more and Nothing less – Go out and say how much you love your parents ,family and friends .
  3. Be Thankful for Everything – if you reading this article – You have eyes and brain to understand.
  4. No place for Hatred and Anger – Period .
  5. No More lessons.

Rest in Peace !

We know the value only when we miss !

Sagar U.S

I just wanna say to all the readers now , I wish you infinite success and pray for success .

Can You go out and tell them how much you love your parents, family and friends Superstar’s?

Tribute to Kobe by Sharanya – Sums up the journey !

Price of Criticism

There was a person called Krishnappa ,had been with telecom department for 35 long years.

He was a person with values and honesty ,he was ready to skip meals not values.

He was known in his work place as a master – always had a suggestion and advice for all problems

Now,in his post retirement phase ,he is left with one precious commodity that is time .

Luckily his house is situated near the main road and full of activities, observing those vehicles and passerby had become his main activity.

First of all, he is a man of values, whenever he used to see anyone acting against the values,he never used to sit back .

He would voluntarily enter into the situation ,provide them suggestions and advice .

Overtime ,this become a meanance ,few of them would yell back and it would end with a war of words and finally rift.

Day by Day ,this increased, his wife ,son and daughter in law had enough of this and suggested him not to dwelve in other business.

one piece of advice to him from them was –

It’s their life ,they would correct not enter in to fight’s.

However Krishnappa is from old school of values ,who had been brought up with honesty and esteemed culture.

He too realised ,things are turning worse .

One gang of youths, who were out of control , they used to deliberately create fun of him and criticise him

As day passed ,criticism increased in multifold.

Krishnappa devised one plan to get of this situation from them.

Krishnappa was reading newspaper in front of his house, gang of youths tried to provoke him and their sole agenda was to irritate him.

This time Krishnappa replied in calm voice- friends ,I won’t be offering any guidances nor suggestions to you all from today.

It was my mistake in the past and hereby request each one of you to criticise me daily from today ,if you do so ,I would be paying you 10 rupees to each one

After listening this, gang of youths , realised this guy has gone crazy , however they were much happier to receive 10 rupees to criticise ,they accepted the offer .

One week passed, Krishnappa used to listen to their criticism daily ,and pay them .

After a week , Krishnappa said , friends you all know I am retired person , it’s tough for me to pay 10 rupees each, henceforth from today I will pay 5 rupees.

Youths felt price was less , however agreed because,there was a crazy person who is paying to listen criticism

This went on for 2 weeks.

Finally, one fine day Krishnappa in a soft voice informed to youths – see friends ,i am running out of money,i can offer you 10 paise from tomorrow ,please come daily and criticise me.

Already youths were feeling agitated for receiving lesser money ,after knowing 10 paise from tomorrow ,they burst out saying – for 10 paise, should I come to your place and criticise,we have much better work , we don’t want your money nor your task and left the place.

Never ever they were seen in front of his house.

What’s the moral of the story here – when we keep price of criticism value more ,we would suffer anxiety,stress, unhappiness.

However,when we keep the price of criticism value to few paises, we would be in bliss, peace and happiness.

In our daily life , we encounter criticism though we are honest and correct , at that time ,we should keep criticism price to lowest to minimum.

This is the only secret to lead a peaceful life.

Feedback and Comments would be appreciated .

Learnt this lesson from

Dr.Gururaj Karajagi Sir

Sagar U.S

My Biggest Guru

Who is a Guru ?

Who is your Guru ?

You figure it out yourself .

Okay, let me introduce my “Guru”

Life’s biggest guru is “Pain” , however no body of us, want to be disciple nor follow the one and only guru of this universe

Everything in this planet starts with pain.

Mother undergoes pain to deliver the baby.

Pain teaches us valuable and important lessons ,it makes us stronger ,it helps us to grow, it makes us succeed .

Then, why don’t we fold our hand and bow our head to the biggest guru of ours “pain” and say – ” i am ready to learn the lesson from you , I will not run away from you ,and finally i will understand the clues and lesson from the pain “

To cross the ocean of success ,we need to first cross the bridge called pain

If we, keep on cribbing about fear ,loss and failure ,we would never cross the ocean of success

If Arjuna wouldn’t come across pain ,Sri Krishna wouldn’t have preached Bhagavad-Gita !

The stone which takes maximum hits(pain) , becomes idol

The tree which takes maximum hits(pain),bears the best fruit

Instead of getting anxiety , sadness and stress on pain, let’s think, what is it, going to teach us, this small perspective can make huge change.

Let’s be aware of our pain, and think remedy for that .By doing so ,we would become fearless and bold

My Biggest Guru – Pain

Just came across this learning from Suvarna Sharma B.R

Thought of sharing to all my Superstar’s !

Sagar U.S

Good luck and Love (Tashi & Nungshi ) -Our Inspiration !

Two Nature Gifts -Sun & Moon.

It takes two hands to clap.

These twins has shown us nothing is impossible , will repeat “nothing is impossible”

Two diamond’s of India

Tashi -means good luck ,which she carries everywhere.

Nungshi -means love ,which she spreads everywhere.

What have they achieved ?

They are the first siblings and twins to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge.

First twin sisters in the world to scale Mt Everest (8,848 metres -29,029 ft) 

On April 21, 2015, Tashi & Nungshi became world’s first twins and siblings as well as the first South Asians to complete the Explorers Grand Slam

What is Explorers Grand Slam?

The Explorers Grand Slam is an adventurer goal to reach the NorthPole and SouthPole, as well as climb the Seven Summits 

Only 29 people globally had completed the Explorers Grand Slam and only 8 women. Tashi & Nungshi became 30th and 31st to complete and the 9th and 10th women as well as being the first South Asians to achieve the milestone.

Feel and Imagine their grit , determination, self confidence, being comfortable with uncomfortable and challenging situation , mental toughness, rigorous training , passion and drive ,physical strength and stamina !


Everest kalapatthar crop.jpg

Mount Everest 8,848 m (29,029 ft)Asia May 19 , 2013


Aconcagua 13.JPG

Aconcagua 6,961 m (22,838 ft) South America January 29 , 2014


Mount McKinley.jpg

Denali 6,194 m (20,322 ft) North America June 4 , 2014


Mt. Kilimanjaro 12.2006.JPG

Kilimanjaro 5,895 m (19,341 ft) Africa July 15 , 2015


Эльбрус с перевала Гумбаши.JPG

Mount Elbrus 5,642 m (18,510 ft) Europe August 22 , 2013


Mount Vinson from NW at Vinson Plateau by Christian Stangl (flickr).jpg

Mount Vinson 4,892 m (16,050 ft) Antarctica December 14 , 2014



PuncakJaya 4,884 m (16,024 ft) Australia

South Pole – December 28, 2014

North Pole – April 21,2015

Their Support and Inspiration – Indian Army officer, Col Virendra Singh Malik (Dad)

These Proud daughters must be included in our schools syllabus,they are the real inspiration .

We live in a country, where gender discrimination is still prevalent, this girls have broken all barriers.

There achievements has motivated and inspired our youths to chant –

‘I want to climb Everest like NungshiTashi’

For few minutes ,forget Doctor, Engineering,CA ,IAS …

Agree Superstar’s?

I, regret now, what i have missed in my life , nothing is late – you both sisters have inspired me to take a small step towards mountaineering ! This decade goal !

Felt terribly bad on myself, to know these two proud daughters of India , few days back !

Please watch their Ted Talks and few interviews . Definitely you would feel value for time and great investment .

Please spread a word about them to all, you may inspire a soul which is about to explore the mountains ,mother earth and nature

This January 26th 2020 – Padma Awards is waiting for them !

Sagar U.S

You can follow them