Dear Internet, Thank You.

Anyone can be merchant (Amazon)

Anyone can be taxi driver (Uber/Ola)

Anyone can be journalist (Twitter)

Anyone can be investor (Bitcoin)

Anyone can be movie director (Youtube)

Anyone can be hotel owner (AirBnb/OYO )

Anyone can learn (Wikipedia)

Anyone can teach (Quora)

Anyone can be writer (Blog)

Anyone can be happy( choice)

Anyone can be smart (choice)

Anyone can be discipline (Choice)

Anyone can be wise(choice)

Anyone can be rich (choice)

Anyone can be Superstar(Choice)

Dear Internet, thank you.

Superstar’s , Just take a moment to be thankful for the huge amount of valuable information you have access to for FREE! Compare that to previous generations. Be grateful, stop complaining and jump start your self education.

Sagar U.S


That was Part 1 – written on July 11th 2019

Dr Reddy was trading at 2645 on July 11 2019

Today Price – 3210 !

Curiosity for next few months to quarter ?

MAGIC Number is 3250 – Any close for weeks to two months – will take this stock to sky.

Till where 3550-3750-4000 – After that we shall take a call.

But markets are not certain ,bears would try to pull back upto 3080 – if they succeed they will push down upto 2940 ,from there 2850-2620- After that we shall take a call.

Small aim is a Crime

Sagar U.S

It’s not a recommendation nor suggestion-it’s for educational purpose

Trade From Savings Money

Trade less

Do your own Analysis

Life is Fragile -“I’m heartbroken and devastated”

Kobe Bryant, 41, was traveling with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna  to his youth basketball academy when they and seven other people perished in the crash. The helicopter had been given special approval to fly around Burbank in foggy weather

“I’m heartbroken and devastated” to know this news yesterday .

He was a legend in NBA( Los Angeles lakers) Bryant was an 18-time ALL STAR, 15-time member of the ALL NBA TEAM , 12-time member of the ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM , and the 2008 NBA MOST VALUABLE PLAYER  (MVP). Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he led the NBA in scoring  during two seasons, ranks fourth on the league’s all -time regular season scoring , and ranks fourth on the all time postseason scoring  list. Bryant was the first guard in NBA history to play at least 20 seasons . According to Forbes,Bryant’s net worth was estimated at $350 million in 2016 ,today worth around $500 Million .

Just Listen to this – This Sums up about this Legend

What’s the lesson –

Before that watch this

  1. Life is Fragile – We don’t know what may happen next minute sorry next second.
  2. Go out and Just Spread Infinite Love – Nothing more and Nothing less – Go out and say how much you love your parents ,family and friends .
  3. Be Thankful for Everything – if you reading this article – You have eyes and brain to understand.
  4. No place for Hatred and Anger – Period .
  5. No More lessons.

Rest in Peace !

We know the value only when we miss !

Sagar U.S

I just wanna say to all the readers now , I wish you infinite success and pray for success .

Can You go out and tell them how much you love your parents, family and friends Superstar’s?

Tribute to Kobe by Sharanya – Sums up the journey !