My letter to ASN Team & Dear Audience

My letter to ASN Team & Audience

170 minutes = 36 months = infinite passion = honesty =drive& fire= ambitious= love to Kannada movie industry = #ASN # #AvaneSrimanaNarayana

When they can do that for Kannada language ,can’t I spend 30 minutes to write this ?

Yes ,with that thought process – this is a letter to the most talented team and to my dear audience who are yet to watch this movie !

Disclaimer – I am not connected to the movie team ,nor have any interests in the movie directly or indirectly, sole Interest is “KANNADA” ! Love for Good Movies and honest effort !

Now a days it’s tough to judge fake Vs real !

Dear passionate team & audience ,

First of all ,I feel guilty , I have watched this Magnum Opus  for few bucks less , seriously I want to PAYTM/ Google Pay,to the producers ! by the way, they haven’t  asked me nor do they need it  ! when someone helps/makes us happy ,you see we don’t want to keep any  debt with them ! (ASN)# major scene plot!

Not even a single scene you can swear outside the content  ,lyrics (songs) -after a long time ,each word makes our language Kannada pride
Graphics quality has to be the highest standard seen in any Kannada movies in many decades – few scenes made me to realise it’s an english movie !

Coming to content – it’s chock a block , stories ,sub stories ,deep meaning, message , humour , it takes audience to be smart ,sorry smarter to understand each scene , if they miss or not able to understand ! You have no other option to watch again , but don’t complain !

Rakshith is fabulous with timing and fabulous performance,  shanvi was excellent as Lakshmi , achuyath sir – words can’t express his acting , villians – next super stars opponents in the industry , all other actors – have done like a pro ! writers – seven odds- need to be appreciated , and a
bow for you all, is just a small token of appreciation ! But you  people really deserved it !

Director – it’s can’t be his first film ,if it’s ,it’s a gain to Kannada industry in future decades!

Producer – thanks for giving this experience – it’s requires passion not paisa attitude !

You have that passion !

Music and background music – Superb , 2 songs were extra ordinary ,it’s apt for the script !

another 2 songs – more apter to the story- it was a story telling song ! – someone who wants peepy , romantic or some out of the blue costumes, location and unrelated lyrics – then this 2 song is not your cup of tea ! don’t say they were average after watching !

Sorry ,I don’t know film making process , I have missed so many other departments, just one word for you all – fabulous !

Negative points – 187 minutes ,team you  people didn’t allow me to get distracted nor check my mobile ,which I usually check 5 times in 5 minutes!

That’s it !

Yes, this is completely my perspective ! I reserve to be wrong !

If ,we encourage this team who has delivered this ,they only will recognise their own mistakes in some time soon and would  give us few more 
best movies down the line !

As Lakshmi says – when we remove our evil, goodness pops out ! And
He is our #AvaneSrimanaNarayana

That hold true to the team too !
They can judge themselves better!

Wish team infinite good luck ,forget the box office number- you have made Kannada proud

@rakshitshetty @SachinBRavi @AJANEESHB @Pushkara_M @shanvisrivastav @charanrajmr2701

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

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