Happy Birthday Super Star & Rock Star of our family !

Dear 🌟 ,

You are the most selfless and humblest human being in our family , the smile and energy is your infinite strength .

You are the true leader of our family , you are the go-to person in our family on shinning days to cloudy days, from summer season to winter season to rainy seasons of the year

You are the favourite friend to your friends ,you are the favourite to your daughter’s and you are the best husband to our sister

You shine like sun in the day ,you bring coolness in the evening as the moon ,you are a bright like a star 24×7 ,365 days a year

You are the best son to god & goddess akkama,chikanna and loving grandson to our pillar chikkamma , you are the loving friend to the society ,you are the best citizen of our country !

we wish you infinite health, happiness,joy, smile & wealth

Lots of love from ,

Shivanna, Yashodha , Lakshmi, Saraswati, Udayshankar ,Sushma,Sapna, Shruthi,Deepak,Sushasini,Roopesh Kumar, Madhu,Vijay ,Vinay, Vidya,Narendra Kumar,Jayalakshmi,Dhanlakshmi, Vasu ,Sujay,Suraj,Hemanth, Mithu,Madhu , Uditi,Daiwik, Mayank,Tanvi,Deshika,Suhani,Vihani ,Monishika ,shadvika & all the families members from our universe

Special love from Sunitha krishnamurthy ,Bhoomika &Smrithi Krishna – your asset !

Last but not the least , Infinite love from

Sagar U.S & Bhavya Sagar