what did I observe from these legends !

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad ( Rajnikanth )& Yuvraj Singh

Rajni Sir

1. Be Simple – Success doesn’t goes to head !

2. Believe in God – Miracle’s happen ! Humble beginnings to Superstar

3. Love what you do – forget what others says or cribs ! Sir recent message to youngsters

4. Be busy always – At this age ,he is still doing what he loves !

5. Never forget the roots – still respects and bonds with childhood and struggling time friends

6. Always be creative – Each movie comes up with new style ,so that can surprise the audience!

7. Be a Monk with Superstar Cult following – His Himalayan trips proves it !

8. Smile & Help – this both features will take us to eternity and this comes from inside, not from outside circumstances

9. Rajni sir life changed how? -he had bought the book in 1978 “autobiography of a yogi “, didn’t read the book for 25 years ,in 2003 – finished the book ,the rest is history ! and he recommends to read this book !

Why waiting try if you can ! I just started !

Yuvraj – colorful,cancer , comeback, champion and YouWeCan !

1. Flamboyant & Stylish – This was his entry to Indian Cricket Team

2. Fitness – Indian Changed the perspective of fielding after his entry ! Greatest lesson

3. Showstopper – 6 sixes – Cricket & 6 sixes never forgets yuvi !

4. Setbacks – if we are not up to our goals , we need to remember yuvi, he has seen most comeback in his career than any one ! Never give up attitude !

5. Champion – When we have that attitude of never give up , the next reward is champion title- world cup 2011 ,instrumental and player of the series ,also 2007 T20 effort no one forgets !

6. God Test – champion always suffer ,God tested with yuvi with one last time with illness ,as a champion he never gave up , as he is flamboyant defeated illness with straight drive !

7. Believe – Came back after illness and played ! That’s the biggest reward than winning any matches !

Superstar’s one miracle happened now , while writing this sentence,my app crashed, for few seconds felt ,how can I re-create this again ,was my initial thought !

Don’t know the nature wanted me to experience this I suppose- and give a clue – Miracles happen !

Article was saved in draft mode – till date it has never saved !

Wow ! Hope and pray infinite good luck to you !

Now,what have you observed from this legends

Do comment waiting Superstars

Sagar U.S