TCS Curiosity for Short Term -Part- 2

Clearly mentioned ,bulls would be in the game ONLY above 2115 to 2130 for couple of days -closing basis ( had highlighted numbers with bold)

What happened ,TCS never closed above 2130 ! for 2 days minimum !

Rest is magic ,today low of TCS is 2005 !

Bulls have built wall at 2075-2045 ,has broken today , need to see for next couple of days on closing basis* !

Now ,final walls for short term is 2010-1980-1930 !

Bulls to comeback they need to break the first wall @ 2085 for couple of days minimum !

Bears will be in control till they not allow bulls to break 2085-2130 !

Next 10-15 Trading sessions very crucial for bulls ,if they allow their walls (2010-1980)to crack ,bears will taste the sugar!

Bulls last chance is to defend 2010 – if done-next * is 2085 ! if not -game over for short term !

Disclaimer- It’s not a Recommendation

Invest/Trade Only from Savings Money

Sagar U.S