My letter to ASN Team & Dear Audience

My letter to ASN Team & Audience

170 minutes = 36 months = infinite passion = honesty =drive& fire= ambitious= love to Kannada movie industry = #ASN # #AvaneSrimanaNarayana

When they can do that for Kannada language ,can’t I spend 30 minutes to write this ?

Yes ,with that thought process – this is a letter to the most talented team and to my dear audience who are yet to watch this movie !

Disclaimer – I am not connected to the movie team ,nor have any interests in the movie directly or indirectly, sole Interest is “KANNADA” ! Love for Good Movies and honest effort !

Now a days it’s tough to judge fake Vs real !

Dear passionate team & audience ,

First of all ,I feel guilty , I have watched this Magnum Opus  for few bucks less , seriously I want to PAYTM/ Google Pay,to the producers ! by the way, they haven’t  asked me nor do they need it  ! when someone helps/makes us happy ,you see we don’t want to keep any  debt with them ! (ASN)# major scene plot!

Not even a single scene you can swear outside the content  ,lyrics (songs) -after a long time ,each word makes our language Kannada pride
Graphics quality has to be the highest standard seen in any Kannada movies in many decades – few scenes made me to realise it’s an english movie !

Coming to content – it’s chock a block , stories ,sub stories ,deep meaning, message , humour , it takes audience to be smart ,sorry smarter to understand each scene , if they miss or not able to understand ! You have no other option to watch again , but don’t complain !

Rakshith is fabulous with timing and fabulous performance,  shanvi was excellent as Lakshmi , achuyath sir – words can’t express his acting , villians – next super stars opponents in the industry , all other actors – have done like a pro ! writers – seven odds- need to be appreciated , and a
bow for you all, is just a small token of appreciation ! But you  people really deserved it !

Director – it’s can’t be his first film ,if it’s ,it’s a gain to Kannada industry in future decades!

Producer – thanks for giving this experience – it’s requires passion not paisa attitude !

You have that passion !

Music and background music – Superb , 2 songs were extra ordinary ,it’s apt for the script !

another 2 songs – more apter to the story- it was a story telling song ! – someone who wants peepy , romantic or some out of the blue costumes, location and unrelated lyrics – then this 2 song is not your cup of tea ! don’t say they were average after watching !

Sorry ,I don’t know film making process , I have missed so many other departments, just one word for you all – fabulous !

Negative points – 187 minutes ,team you  people didn’t allow me to get distracted nor check my mobile ,which I usually check 5 times in 5 minutes!

That’s it !

Yes, this is completely my perspective ! I reserve to be wrong !

If ,we encourage this team who has delivered this ,they only will recognise their own mistakes in some time soon and would  give us few more 
best movies down the line !

As Lakshmi says – when we remove our evil, goodness pops out ! And
He is our #AvaneSrimanaNarayana

That hold true to the team too !
They can judge themselves better!

Wish team infinite good luck ,forget the box office number- you have made Kannada proud

@rakshitshetty @SachinBRavi @AJANEESHB @Pushkara_M @shanvisrivastav @charanrajmr2701

Sagar U.S

Happy Birthday Super Star & Rock Star of our family !

Dear 🌟 ,

You are the most selfless and humblest human being in our family , the smile and energy is your infinite strength .

You are the true leader of our family , you are the go-to person in our family on shinning days to cloudy days, from summer season to winter season to rainy seasons of the year

You are the favourite friend to your friends ,you are the favourite to your daughter’s and you are the best husband to our sister

You shine like sun in the day ,you bring coolness in the evening as the moon ,you are a bright like a star 24×7 ,365 days a year

You are the best son to god & goddess akkama,chikanna and loving grandson to our pillar chikkamma , you are the loving friend to the society ,you are the best citizen of our country !

we wish you infinite health, happiness,joy, smile & wealth

Lots of love from ,

Shivanna, Yashodha , Lakshmi, Saraswati, Udayshankar ,Sushma,Sapna, Shruthi,Deepak,Sushasini,Roopesh Kumar, Madhu,Vijay ,Vinay, Vidya,Narendra Kumar,Jayalakshmi,Dhanlakshmi, Vasu ,Sujay,Suraj,Hemanth, Mithu,Madhu , Uditi,Daiwik, Mayank,Tanvi,Deshika,Suhani,Vihani ,Monishika ,shadvika & all the families members from our universe

Special love from Sunitha krishnamurthy ,Bhoomika &Smrithi Krishna – your asset !

Last but not the least , Infinite love from

Sagar U.S & Bhavya Sagar

Letter to Myself -2019 !

Dear Me,

What a year .You saw it through. It might have been tough ,it might have been easy -but you made it to the end .And Looking back, i’m so proud to see us here right now

Your flaws and downfalls are what made you stronger .And as we enter 2020 we can hold our heads high knowing that we can do another lap round the sun together

Lots of love ,