Few things which we can accumulate in life are priceless , invaluable !

What are those ?

Getting up early in the morning

Walking /Running/Jogging

Smiling infinite

Reading with concentration

Meditating with awareness

Listening with attention

Speaking with affection

Writing with observations

Laughing with friends and family

Cycling – to serve the mother earth

Loving with pure heartedness

Forgiving with no stones left

Caring with heart

Helping with brain

Praying for Humanity

All these are available absolutely free to few dollars maximum!

Above all ,

Nature has given us oxygen, wind,fire,light,sun ,moon ! Which are invaluable – expecting nothing in return !

But , we plunge on to greater valuables which are finite and unnecessary ! Always expecting in return!

To be Continued!

Sagar U.S

Bajaj Auto Curiosity

Current Price -3212 !

Magic Number for bulls 3170-3275 ! Above either of one ,bulls have started a new journey!

3275 is the near first destination, from there sky is the limit – will update in part 2

Close above 3275 for few days is a confirmation ,few weeks would be icing on the cake !

Bears need to pull the bulls upto 2960-2880 ! if they can’t in next few weeks or months ! Game over for bears !

Nothing is Permanent ! Neither the Destination !

Invest from Savings Money only

Invest /Trade Less

Sagar U.S

Our Heroes !

We salute you from our bottom of our 💓 ! we love you infinite and remember you infinite !

26/11/2008 #MumbaiTerrorAttack by Pakistan.

10 terrorists, 10 locations, 3 days, 166 innocent people killed and 308 wounded.

11 years to date, a silent prayer for those who lost their lives untimely.

Remembering The Heroes Who Sacrificed their life to protect us !

Major last word –

Let’s take a moment to remember the hero of 26/11!

He took over 40 rounds from the AK47 of Ajmal Kasab, but captured him alive.

We salute you, Sri #TukaramOmble Ji!❤

MumbaiTerrorAttack #NeverForget #2611attack #MumbaiAttacks #26NOVEMBER