Wish You Great Life Ahead ! Chandan Shetty & Niveditha !

Woke up and saw this story in social media circles and mainstream online media !

What’s the story – Engagement of two beautiful people ,yes they are young people !

Why am I writing this article and why should you read this article !

There’s a point !

Before that , what am I hearing in online circle –

Chandan Shetty has misused the stage !

Chandan Shetty has missued the government stage !

Personal activities in government function !

Have they invited the Niveditha for yuva dasara !

400 years of traditional event has been missued !

So on and so many complaints !

To be honest , society has lost mind , society just in process of looking failures , it doesn’t want to encourage creativity , innovation !

Yes ,I agree ,they should have informed the organisers and if the and taken permission , it would have been fantastic !


Now ,think for a minute ,why do we celebrate dasara , why do we celebrate festivals !

To love and spread love ! Period !

No more questions !

Yes , agree in the moment of giving surprise and youthfulness ,they have used the stage !

what’s the worst outcome from their actions – another couple may replicate and may also do some unknown actions – which won’t be with the event organiser controls !

But, this action deserves forgiveness from us , and all of us should bless them,wish them luck infinite and ask them one question

That is – be happy till the last day of life ! Take care each other !

But , we have different questions for them –

Was listening to one anchor in one news channel ,I felt for few minutes they were like judge ,in next few seconds they spoke like lawyer

All in one !

I , don’t know Chandan sheety nor Niveditha personally !

This is a time to enjoy their new life!

Let’s wish them good and also send a cautionary message not to repeat again and move on is the need of the hour !

This is my view – you can have yours !

Spread love ! Creativity and Out of box action always welcome criticism !

Sagar U.S