Stock Markets Bluff Master

Summary of today !

people in power are way ahead and way beyond and project as they are way behind !

Bluff masters!

Clues to understand – bring prices low and Jack up the prices

Make sentiment bad and create surprise every week on Friday post evening and on last ball do it in markets hours

Elections are soon sorry sooner – state election !

Visit to US in couple of days !

Last week of the expiry in derivatives markets

Announce this ,when the price is at lowest point in markets for past few months !

Not required to announce this is on budget day !

Fools will be waiting on that day ,but announce some other day !

any secrecy , information leaked – don’t know !

GST Rates what they will do ,let’s see !

Next target ,Direct tax – income tax !

Expect here also some thing crazy soon ! Clue – before the election 2024 or before the scene of war ! or before the sentiment has turned negative !

And soon few more things will happen ,psu stake sale , ltcg , and what not !

Wear the seat belt !

Expect the expected !

Expect the Unexpected !

This Game is not easy !

But are you ready to crack it !

Will update later on this article – part two !

Whatever Happens , This is what required in 2014, but 2019 is better than never !

Day to remember !

Sagar U.S

Curiosity is the game !

One Stone Various Birds !

Today is a historical day for people who are in financial markets !

Now , will give you something different viewpoints !

That’s Political !

Maharashtra , Haryana , Jharkhand ,Bihar

If Karnataka goes for elections !

New Delhi !

Done and Dusted for Congress and other Parties

Yes , it’s my boldest prediction

Yes ,I reserve my options to be wrong too !

Let’s see on the results day !

Sagar U.S

Political Analyst ( My dream Profession)

One life – Do whatever you like !