Bank Nifty Curiosity !

BNF has closed at 27951 !

Magic Number for few days or few weeks is 28400-28880

Above 28400-bulls are back ,above 28880 close for few days or couple of weeks ,will put the bulls in the game !

Bears would try to protect bulls upto 29700-29200 !

Bears won’t mind if bulls try to move ahead upto 29700-30000!

Once 30000 crossed ,bulls will fly upto 31000 ! closing basis for couple of days or 2 weeks is important !

28000-30000 is a range for next few weeks from now !

Below 27220-26600 is where bears would come back to the game !

Once below 26600 ,they will take the markets to cleaners ! closing basis is important !

Global factors is dim ,we don’t know when it will turn gloom !

local factors are dim too! Government of India ,has shown intent and have a sent a signal they listen to markets beats !

what they do in few days to few weeks will determine the fate !

Turnaround won’t happen , but pull back can be expected !

don’t confuse to the trend change !

On a longer time frame bears are in control ,as they a built a wall at 31000 !

Trade from savings money !

Options and futures are only for professionals

Sagar U.S