Maruti Curiosity for medium term !

Maruti is trading at 6000 !

6030 is the level bulls want it to support ! if they support they will take towards 6150-6260-6640-6820 !

Below 6030-5720-5780 is where bears would drag ! if they are successful they would take to scary levels upto 5320-5100 !

Let’s See what bulls and bears do hereafter !

Invest only from Savings Money

Invest slowly & regularly

Sagar U.S

Disclaimer- Do consult your advisor ! This is for my sole purpose of learning!


Disclaimer – It’s not recommendation, please do you due diligence! This is for my reference!

Dr Reddy is trading at 2645 now, bulls have built a wall around 2560! That is 3 % from current price! If bears don’t demolish the wall, bulls will keep moving towards 2700, 2750,2840,2910,3000 –from there will update in part 2!

Below 2560, bears will be fierce towards 2480, 2380,2280,2180,1980 from there, bears will take where nobody knows!

Sun pharma current price is 392! Very short term need to be above 420-470 to come back with vengeance!

If they are above 390 –bulls last chance to move towards, till where 420-470, 540,580,615,655!

Below 390 Bears will take to further darker place where nobody knows!

Lupin current Price is 754!

Above 735 last chance for bulls to be move further! Till where 770,830,880,930!

Below 735 bears will lead to further darkness, till where –nobody knows it!

Invest Only from Savings Money

Invest Regularly

Invest Slowly

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a Crime