Letter to Indian Cricket Team!

Dear Indian Cricket Team,

You have been an emotion to 1.3 billion Indian’s !

When You laugh , we laugh !

When You cry ,we cry too!

All the Players ,support staff , Your family , friends and loved ones along with 130 crore Indians took a flight to England with a Dream to Bring the Cup Back !

We appreciate the grit, determination,never give up attitude displayed throughout the game !

Yes , We have lost a match !

But who won -Game of Cricket Won, All the Players at various junctions played their part to reach Semifinals !

Some tried , most succeeded,few missed !

That’s part of the Game !

You represented us at global stage and showed how “New India” Plays on the field and off the field with Smile and Infinite Confidence !

Time Never stops , 2023 is waiting for you all to conquer with few old minds and new legs !

The youngsters who just missed the final lap ,will finish the race in next marathon!

We ,Thank You from bottom of our 💓 Heart for your health and happiness you provided to all of US!

Good luck

Nature God’s has a plan – May be they want us to win 2023 World Cup in India (Host)

How’s the Josh Boy’s!


Cricket Fan

Representing all 130 crore Indians

Sagar U.S

Breaking News : India through to Finals !

The score now is 24 for 4 ,India needs to Score 240 to win , All top 3 batsmen are out !

Yes , It will be tight finish !

But India will go through !

Life is all about facing challenging time !

When no one believes !

You and me should !

Simple !

Comment Please

Positive Energy and Vibes are important than Anything in this world !

Sagar U.S