Time to Remember & Reflect on our Grandparents !

Well , few are lucky to experience the affection of their grandparents, luckily hope most of you may be currently are those lucky ones ! (If yes , you are blessed ) Enjoy Till it Lasts !

I too,was one of those lucky lad, who experienced grandparents love ,selfless affection and pampering !

My Mom side – I had
great-grandmother , grandmother and grandfather

My Dad Side – Grand Mother and Grandfather !

Let me start with my mom side !

My Great Grandmother Name was – Chikamma , who lived nearly upto 100 years !

From my birth to 15 years – what a memories to cherish , Have forgotten most , remember few ,well I do some !

All my grandparents were favourite, but my Great grandmother was one Kilogram more to me sorry few tonne more! – , she saw 5 generation ! That’s a Miracle,! with a food habits of our times , it’s tough to match !

My, entire 5 to 6 early years was with my Great grandmother, grandmother and grandfather ! Who has made me who am I now- sub consciously !

Today, I want to take care ,spend some time with them, neither she nor my grandpa and grandma are with us physically,but mentally ,they are still alive !

My Great Grandmother ,lead her life by example ,she used to offer water and food to everyone who used to come , including birds and animals !

Always there was one extra plate of meal – anticipation of guest who may come !

Never they sent anyone with empty stomach, they use to serve them with love !

Her daughter – My grandmother- Akkamma

From birth to 11 – 12 years !

My grandma was full of talent ,she was singer,painter ,artist , spiritual , hardworking what not !

I remember going to Nandi hills with her colleagues and once been to her office for sports day !

She is an example of working women! Those days , women’s were not into work life much as they do today!

Women Empowerment ! Both her daughters and daughter in law’s were working women’s !

My Grandmother was a finance minister for my nutritions , my Great grandmother was the chef who mixed infinite love to foods and fed me ! My Grandfather took me to school to and fro !

That was a process!

Unfortunately ,my grandmother was the one who left us early to be with nature god’s !

It was no brainer, being so good ,nature god’s want them early !

Now,let me come to my grandfather !
His Name was Chikkanna
From birth to 20 years !

What to say – Now my profession dwels with money & finance ,but what is money ,how money looks ,was known from my grandpa !

Everyday my pocket was filled with money- my grandpa the sponsorer

This led me to have anything & everything ,when I wanted money – search grandfather!

Getting me dosas, bringing me from the school , beautiful were those days !

I even learned to ride two wheeler , from his Luna !

There was a juice shop nearby- I used to have juice , and tell them that my grandfather would pay and run away !

My mom side grandparents were spiritual ,rich in culture , but made their own destiny by their hardwork ! They lived in a temple premise icing on the cake !

They bowed their head to feet of all elders !

Never in quarrelling mode with anyone!

They were not aware of business skills – they were aware of humans skills to take care of each other , be happy with small small acts of daily life !

There life secret mantra was –

Be Simple
Never borrow
Love all
Greet & Feed everyone
Work hard
Live with dignity
No lies ,only smile!
Pray almighty for everything !

Now, Coming to my Dad Side !

They were equally with the par !

But ,time spent was little lesser ! because they used to be in Village most part of my early childhood!

However latter part they were with us !

My grandfather Name was – Lakanna

Birth to 18!

He was a freedom fighter, Artist,Was in drama , Story Teller of Ancient Kings tales , Strict Man and a best loveable and caring husband, father,brother ,village role model ,what not !

My Grandfather was my partner in watching WWF !

We used to never change the channel ,always hooked up and he would ask me the next schedule of the matches!

He is used to take care my grandma like a childlike !

They both were made for each other couple !

Now , last but not the least

My Grand ma – Her name was Sakamma

Birth to till 2017 !

She was a smiling grandma from Day one to last few days of her life !

I got closer to her from past 7 to 8 years !

I can proudly say ,I did my bit or seva towards my grandmother ! Which I couldn’t do for others!

One lesson from her is to smile for everything !

What more a lesson required in life !

Now, to all who are lucky to have grandparents in your life – go, spend time with them , I know sometimes it’s tough – but being little caring , speaking with them about their past and current requirements , spending a hour with them will give you infinite Worth of Dollars ,which is not Available elsewhere !

Would be happy to know more about your grandparents !

Remember –
Family , Friend’s, Loved ones are First !

Sagar U.S