Boring Universe – Not Welcomed alone  ! Return Journey Scary !

Welcome my dear reader, My name is You , I am most fortunate to see you in my universe ,I appreciate your decision to enter my universe !

First let me remind you – You are a unique soul !

You are not a ordinary individual, yes I mean it ! I don’t know your name ,what you are doing now ,what success , setbacks and struggle you are encountering in your life minute by minute or second by second !

Still you have made a journey to experience my universe !

This confirms me you are a unique soul

Secondly, you are a decision making soul !

Yes , I had mentioned ,my universe is boring not welcomed alone , but you have made a decision to enter this infinite boring universe !

Decision making is a critical in day to day earth universe ! It shows you can make decisions in a blink of an eye !

They say smallest to smallest decision changes life forever !

Thirdly, You are a curious soul – curiousity is mother of invention is a well proven analogy ! Well then it fits you aptly

Entering to check my boring universe tells, you are too curious to know what’s in-store in boring universe too !

Fourthly, You are rich with time soul !

Yes , You are one of those blessed soul , who can give time to everyone if you make a decision !

By giving your valuable and finite time is an example !

You can achieve anything and everything in 24 hours of day it seems to me ! If you wish to do so !

Fifthly, You are adaptable Soul !

Person like you who is living in happy universe called earth , where nothing is short or impossible to get or achieve,still you are not diverted from distraction, with complete attention from last few minutes, without closing this page or skipping a word of mine, you are glued to know what next, tells you can adapt to any situation !

What else is required !

Sixth , You are bold Soul !

Though I told you return journey is scary, You have still landed here in this universe !

To achieve anything ,at times we need to be bold and alone ! Don’t know what the returns journey may be !

Success from bold action brings sweats ,but sweat is not guaranteed always !

Seventh, You are a friendly soul !

I had mentioned you are not welcomed alone , yes you indeed came to my universe along with your friends too !

Yes ,you are confused now ,right !

Thanks for staying so long here in my universe ,you were a wonderful guest, wish you more and more strength and curiousity life in earth universe !

My Location is Karnataka , Bengaluru -Namma Malleswaram

Try to catch up soon some day !

Oh , I forget to thank other friends of yours whom you brought along

I am thankful to them too !

Imagination is Life ,Try to figure out your friends !

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a crime

Waiting for your feedback and comments

Thanks once again !

Published by

Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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