June Month Global & Indian Markets Update

Global Markets Update for June 2019

I could have written – US markets are up and all Asian markets and European markets are UP for the June 2019

Have taken the Pain, so that you know the Index name and from next few months down the line you do it yourself!

US Markets

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Index after seeing downside of 7 % in May, as taken a complete U turn in June –it’s a 7.5 % Upside for the month

It has closed at an all-time high of 26672 Price

With Trade War – Interest rate cut in US by Federal Reserve, G20 Meet

US Markets are trading near 18 month high!

European Markets

UK markets (FTSE) is UP 4 % for the month

France markets (CAC) is UP 6.5 % for the month

Germany markets (DAX 30) is UP 6 % for the month

Asian markets

China Shanghai is UP 2.5%

Japanese Markets (Nikkei) up 4.5 % for the month

Singapore Markets (Straits Times) up 6.5 % for the Month

Hong Kong (Hang Seng) up 6 % for the month

Taiwan Index is up 2 %

South Korea Kospi Index is up 4.5 %

Thailand Index SET is 6.5%

Australia S&P ASX is up 4.5 %

Time to Think – INDIA INDEX

Nifty is down 1.5 % for the month

Sensex is down 1 %

Bank Nifty is down 1 %

Major Events

US GDP for 1st Quarter was at 3.1 %

UK GDP was at 1.8 % for the 1st Quarter

Next Week

US markets would be off for a day on account of their Independence Day

Coming to Our Markets (India)

4th July Economic Survey would be released

5th July Budget

From 1st to 5th Automobile Sales data

PMI Manufacturing and Service data would be released

G20 Event Reaction would be on Monday

India’s current account deficit (CAD) widened to $57.2 billion, or 2.1% of GDP, in FY19 from 1.8% a year ago, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said on Friday, amid a general slowdown in the economy.

CAD is one of the key indicators of an economy’s health and measures the difference between the value of the goods and services a country imports and the value of its exports

India also reported a fiscal deficit of ₹3.66 trillion during the first two months of the current financial year

The Centre has pegged fiscal deficit—the difference between the government’s revenue and expenditure—at 3.4% of the GDP for this fiscal year, the same as in 2018-19

On July 5th – Major Data to look is Fiscal Deficit!

Index is trading at high levels, however there are number of stocks trading way below their high price

Always Track Few Stocks and Expertise

Trade From Savings Money

Trade Less

Invest Regularly

Sagar U.S

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