Commodities Zone Summary


Gold is up 10 % for last 2 months!

When was the last time we saw gold trading at these high levels, yes it was in August 2013

Nearly after 6 years gold has broken the range

Will it sustain above this or is it a trap – No one knows!

Let us understand Gold Journey from 2007!

In the year, 2007 January Gold was trading at 9250

By December 2012 Gold reached upto 30900!

Gold was in GOLDEN RUN!

Everyone were crazy to buy GOLD at these time!

The best or worst Part –I don’t know – we still love gold any day of the year!

But irony is investors who were not aware of gold price movement came to gold markets and got stuck by buying at the end of peak cycle in 2011 and 2012

The Investors who had bought in 2007 to 2009 made a huge return!

2013, 2014, & 2015 gold prices saw downfall, finally at the end of 2015 gold was at 25000

From 2016 -2019 till half yearly June 30th 2019 Gold is scrawling upside slowly!

However Investors who had bought gold 2012-2013 after 8 years –yes they are happy gold is moving northwards! Have they made return – BIG NO!

But think like this – investors who had bought in 2015 around 26000 to 27000 price are the happiest lot of investors!

Timing is very important in markets!

Disclaimer –Nobody in the world can time exact price to buy or sell!

Current price gold -34206


Silver is UP 3 % for the month

After last 4 months of downfall, we have seen silver bit steady and closed upside for this month

History of Silver!

2007 to 2008 Silver was in the range of 15000 to 25000

At the end of 2008 silver had closed around 18000

2009, 2010 and 2011 Silver had a massive run upwards

From 18000 to 73000!

Ask your parents, elders how craze people on buying silver those days!

By December 2012 Silver closed around 57500!

2013 to 2015 – 3 years silver from 59500 came upto 32500 levels

Last 4 years Silver is in Sideways range of 35000 -40000

Current price in silver -37452

Investors who had bought at 2011 and 2012 are stuck from 8 years in Silver!


Next Major Commodities which has a huge impact for INDIAN Economy is Crude

Lookback on Crude!

2007 January 2850

2008 Financial Crisis Peaked, so to crude –it reached upto 6350, finally saw Southwards direction upto 1750!

Whenever Crude prices falls It’s Advantage INDIA!

However 2009, upto 2013 Crude peaked upto 7750, but closed at 6100 odd in 2013

2014 –Lady Luck was with Modiji – Crude fell downside from 6500 to 2250 by 2015

In the year 2016 it even made low of around 1800 –but closed the year around 3600

2017 and 2018 were sideways for crude – made high of 5600 odd last year

Do you remember petrol price had moved upto 80 to 85 rs per litre last year! This was the reason!

This year from January crude from 3200 to today’s price of 4000 it’s on upward biases

With US pressure on INDIA to cut import from IRAN!

Need to see how crude reacts in next few months upto year end!

Current Price is 4100

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