Weekly Market Report 21-27 June 2019

Let me recap what happened last week i.e 14-20 June

Broader Index -Nifty 50 – Bears were the winners for the week, however bulls won only one day for the week ,it was yesterday !

High for the week 11931

Low for the week 11625

Close is 11831

Energy, Metal,IT,Bank,Auto ,FMCG all the sector were down for the last week

Trading direction for coming week – Very Important as it’s Monthly Expiry!

BANK NIFTY – Closed around 30784

What’s my plan for next 5 days –

31270 is the Magic Number for the week for bulls ,above this if they close for a day or two ,they will move towards 31440-500 – From 31500 ,it’s a Rocket mode!

On the downside – 30660 is Magic Number ,below this close for a day or two will move towards 30350-30000

Global Markets are positive

US, European,Asian Markets are Positive for the week

Indian Markets was down due to domestic trigger for the week !

Crude has started moving upwards – one negative trigger for us !

Expectation of Central bank accomodation or support is seen across countries

Federal Reserve,ECB,BOE,BOJ are taking easier stand – that’s a positive for equities markets

India trigger are Monsoon – this next 2 weeks are critical – as of now monsoon is below average

Economy is suffering, All eyes are on Budget July 5 , Big bang reforms are expected from Modi Sarkar2

Any friendly policies towards equity markets – will fuel the markets to trade above all time high

NBFC crisis, Automobile Slump, Consumption downtrend, Infrastructure bottleneck,Fiscal deficit,GST revamp , and manily on agriculture are the few areas of buzz on this budget !

Another issues is Trade war which is taking across US ,China

US next target seems to be India and dragging a cold battle !

Lot of downgrades on individual stocks was rated ,that made stocks to fall massively

There were list of stocks which fell and handful of stocks were up for the week as the sentiment was down !

Trade Less

Trade from Savings Money

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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