Markets Update for 18/6/19

Well, Broad Markets Index closed positive for the day with just 0.2 percent gains

The way markets traded today – won’t make bulls won for the day

Story –

Markets started with positive ,then turned negative ,later positive ,again negative ,once positive

Now tell me ,was it a normal day

No ! Chance illa !

Then ,next question what should observers do – new comers like you !


There are lot of participants

-New comers

-Already in the market

Which category you belong is important

Trader trades everyday

Investor invest very rarely ,may be 3 to 5 times a year

But Investor need to watch the markets

Preferably weekly basis

If he or she has time – daily is better options

As far Finance and commerce graduate it’s a must

Keep observing the trend ,you will break the code ! Or solve the code !

Now coming to markets ,check yesterday my analysis , nothing to crib around more – feels boring to mention- how’s the analysis!

Jet airways fell 40 percent down today – reason lenders took the company to insolvency and bankruptcy tribunal

Anil Ambani stocks are falling like a knife – Reliance power , Infrastructure,capital

DHFL and India bulls housing finance same story

Automobile and pharma it’s been routine now on downside

Maruti ,sun pharma are down from last few sessions

Yes ,yes bank fell another 6 percent today

Positive is Global markets are trading positive today

US markets, as I write this ,have opened positive

Our markets from last 2.5 weeks are negative

May be tomorrow markets may open gap up

And trade positive !

Or close near the open !

Disclaimer – Markets cannot be predicted !

Then what’s my plan for tomorrow!

I am sharing bank Nifty index view – as I trade on this

I am trader

Don’t tell me – you want to be trader!

To become a trader couple of years of experience is a must !

First observe how markets works !

Then take a call !

Now coming to bank nifty –

Bank Nifty has closed at 30351, important number tomorrow is 30660

If it’s trade above this level upto 2 pm tomorrow, bulls will take up to


On downside – 30230 is support

Trade less

Trade from Savings money

Invest long term

First observe markets for a year to two !

Sagar U.S

Small aim is a crime

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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