May 23rd 2019 -What I Want by 11.59PM -Five Letter “INDIA=UNITY”

Yes,few of them are waiting for the expected , many of them are waiting for the unexpected ,most of them are waiting for Just One thing –

Better & the Best India for today, tomorrow,next year ,next decade and for the next generations to come -Period!

How By accepting the loss gracefully -Who -Second Best

Showing statesmanship by the winner

No hatred ,No rivalry ,No Anger ,No BJP,No Congress,No JDS,No SP,No BSP,No YSR,No TDP,No TMC,No SS,NoBJD,No AAP!

Just Remember Love for the Country is the need of the hour and second

Party Workers from A to Z Party , don’t over react over the results

Don’t take the results personally,if taken there will be one and only loser that is

“India ”

No Blaming ,No Cribbing -Accept the win or loss and Move on -Should be the Mantra

We are in the crossroads of the human evolution- Climate Change , Technology advancement, Terrorism are shaking the human being core principles

Let us work towards those and make a better place to live in harmony and Unity

Being Born in India is A Miracle ,lets Make our Country Miracle

No Body is going to make us better , we have to “SAVE OURSELVES”

Jai Hind

Sagar U.S

Small Aim is A Crime