Enjoy the Journey !

It’s not who is first , second or the last matters in this beautiful journey

What matters is

Do we have patience,courage ,persistence to see the unseen, hear the unspoken, observe the unobservable

How far we alone go is not what matters , how many we took together matters

Sagar U.S

Tuition Fees – Learn from my Mistake

Today ,after some time ,my analysis didn’t work according to the expectations

If ,I keep posting my profits ,I would be misguiding myself

Therefore , let me show my trade and lessons to learn for “Myself ”

Today my direction itself was wrong

Luckily kept stoploss and took small loss

If we don’t take small loss ,we shall incur mother of big loss- My guru has taught!

See ,i bought at 114, stoploss was 90 , target was 210-240

Unfortunately , stoploss triggered

But I exited

See the LTP price – it’s 34 rupees

If I was reluctant ,then I would have suffered big loss today

If ,we are not ready to take loss ,do not enter stock markets-Period!

What i should have done is , I could have traded much lesser

My position was bit bigger,apart from that no regrets

Hope so,my next trade would be as per the expectations

Trade less

Trade from Savings Money

Options trading is for professionals

Sagar U.S