BankNifty is trading at 29950 now at 11PM, what next?

Make or Break Level for BankNifty index is 2—0!

Close above this for 2 to 4 days will put forth bulls in a driver seat and it could be verge on All TIME HIGH levels – this positional analysis or few day trades!

Now, the question what happens if BankNifty closes above 2—0 for 2 or 4 days and then break on downside?

That’s the wisdom nobody can teach! – It’s a confess

What to do for today?

I am tracking 30200 Call options on bull’s side – do you want to know the magic number for the day –

That’s on bull side, in case afternoon, markets turns negative which is the strike price and what I should do, is already planned!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW for the Day -what I have prepared

  1. Stop loss?
  2. Entry?
  3. Target?

Take your mobile and message me right away!

Disclaimer – I will tell what i have done – i won’t tell what you should do!

Only Price info would be given !

Trade less

Trade Options from Savings money

Options Trading is only for professionals

Sagar U.S

Small Aim is Crime


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