What Did I Do ,Today in BankNifty ?

The best part is I may trade again in sometime ,only when opportunities arise to me

Yes to “ME” !

As ,I am a human being ,what I do ,I post only my profits

Where are my loss days or loss trades

Secret ! It Should not be published

Ya, I am human too !

Let me see can I have the guts to put my loss ,going forward !

It’s me Vs me

Anyways back to markets ,bank would fetch returns- for the year- roughly around 6 to 7 percent

In one hour,stock markets provides how much opportunities to smart trader -check the image

Irony is one hour back I would be smart and next hour I will be dumb – by how much infinite ,not able to measure

Don’t enter this profession ,to compete with others

If you want to know yourself better jump in

This is the only profession which tell us ,with brutal honest “who are we”

The Game Name is

“Stock Markets”


Trade less

Trade from Savings

Options trading is only for professionals

Before entering options markets ,you should have clear training or else the tution fee would be irrecoverable

Sagar U.S

Small Aim is a Crime



BankNifty is trading at 29950 now at 11PM, what next?

Make or Break Level for BankNifty index is 2—0!

Close above this for 2 to 4 days will put forth bulls in a driver seat and it could be verge on All TIME HIGH levels – this positional analysis or few day trades!

Now, the question what happens if BankNifty closes above 2—0 for 2 or 4 days and then break on downside?

That’s the wisdom nobody can teach! – It’s a confess

What to do for today?

I am tracking 30200 Call options on bull’s side – do you want to know the magic number for the day –

That’s on bull side, in case afternoon, markets turns negative which is the strike price and what I should do, is already planned!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW for the Day -what I have prepared

  1. Stop loss?
  2. Entry?
  3. Target?

Take your mobile and message me right away!

Disclaimer – I will tell what i have done – i won’t tell what you should do!

Only Price info would be given !

Trade less

Trade Options from Savings money

Options Trading is only for professionals

Sagar U.S

Small Aim is Crime