First Dedicated Women Finance Minister of India

The Name is Nirmala Sitharaman

For a surprise a good news to

Jawaharlal Nehru University after few years of bad mouth !

Has Completed Masters in Economics

From a BJP spokesperson to Commerce Ministry to Defence Ministry

Second Important Minsitry “Finance Minister”

Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha from Karnataka

India is a land of Laxmi

We worship Goddess

Each and every one knows ,women are our finance minister of our household

It’s a biggest Surprise – The Buzz was Amit Shah,Piyush Goyal and outlier has been Madam

Modiji loves Surprises

First Demonetization

Surgical Strike

Now – Important Role in the cabinet

What’s in store for Our New FM

GDP data will be low for the last quarter of 2018

Which will be announced today evening

Job crisis

GST confusion

Public Companies suffering

Institutional trust Deficit

Big Big Job as been entrusted to trusted ally of Modiji

Time will tell what may happen

Wishing Good Luck to Madam

Hidden message to think ?

The Controversy of Rafale was with Nimarla Sitharaman & Modiji

With eleveating Madam to second important position

Hidden Message —

The Culture of Lobby is infinite for FM portfolio in India

Having Dark house as New FM

A hidden Message to Big Corporate deep pockets – what’s the message time will tell

The Next 5 years , 2024 election speeches will be not on national security ,it will be on economic reforms

Lot of Corruption cases have been blocked , this appointment by modiji is sending shivering to many UPA Minsters – New place is waiting for them very soon

Let us wait and watch what is in store

One thing is Certain

As life is Uncertain and Random

What is certain is Modiji would be major decision maker from now in financial policies and regulations

Sagar U.S

May 23rd 2019 -What I Want by 11.59PM -Five Letter “INDIA=UNITY”

Yes,few of them are waiting for the expected , many of them are waiting for the unexpected ,most of them are waiting for Just One thing –

Better & the Best India for today, tomorrow,next year ,next decade and for the next generations to come -Period!

How By accepting the loss gracefully -Who -Second Best

Showing statesmanship by the winner

No hatred ,No rivalry ,No Anger ,No BJP,No Congress,No JDS,No SP,No BSP,No YSR,No TDP,No TMC,No SS,NoBJD,No AAP!

Just Remember Love for the Country is the need of the hour and second

Party Workers from A to Z Party , don’t over react over the results

Don’t take the results personally,if taken there will be one and only loser that is

“India ”

No Blaming ,No Cribbing -Accept the win or loss and Move on -Should be the Mantra

We are in the crossroads of the human evolution- Climate Change , Technology advancement, Terrorism are shaking the human being core principles

Let us work towards those and make a better place to live in harmony and Unity

Being Born in India is A Miracle ,lets Make our Country Miracle

No Body is going to make us better , we have to “SAVE OURSELVES”

Jai Hind

Sagar U.S

Small Aim is A Crime

5 YEARS =1800 % Returns ! Next 5 Years ?

September11th 2013 ,Modiji was named “PM Candidate” of BJP -The rest is history for the below stocks !

Let us Check, What Banking Stocks have done in Last 5 years !


HDFCBank was trading at 600 september 2013,Now around 2288 .

400 % Percent Return in last 5 Years


ICICIBANK was trading at 150 odd,now at 380 – 150 % percent returns


KotakBank was trading at 300 5 years back ,now at 1385 – 400 % Returns


SBI was trading at 150 ,5 years back -Now at 316 – 100 % Returns


IndusindBank was at 400 -now at 1436 – 350 % Returns


Yesbank was at 40 ,now at 156- 400 % returns !

Curiosity –

This Data should not make YOU to invest , if it does, then it’s “SCAM” ! Sorry !

What you should do then, try to figure out “why” it went ! Next, what will happen for Next 5 Years is the study “you and me” need to look out for !

Let’s See what happens from “Today to Next 5 years” !

Trade Less

Trade From Savings Money

Sagar U.S

Every Day = Mother’s Day

Mother = Oxygen

One Sun , One Moon & One Mother

First Friend,Best Friend and Forever Friend

Living God

Finance Minister,Power Minister ,Home Minister,Health Minister,Food Minister, Sacrifice Minister and Infinite GoTO Minister

Mother love is Infinite

Mother Sacrifice is Infinite

Mother Care is Infinite

” I am sorry for all the trouble , sorry for not listening to you , sorry for making you feel bad”

I Promise to be better Son and Promise to make you Proud

Sagar U.S


Enjoy the Journey !

It’s not who is first , second or the last matters in this beautiful journey

What matters is

Do we have patience,courage ,persistence to see the unseen, hear the unspoken, observe the unobservable

How far we alone go is not what matters , how many we took together matters

Sagar U.S