Choice is Yours! A- or B…

A- Judge people by where they came from

B… Judge people by where they’re going

A- Choices come with responsibility

B… People can’t be trusted to make good choices

A- Dominate

B… Affiliate

A- Redemption is possible

B… Past actions define the future

A-People with authority should be held accountable

B… People with authority should do what they want

A-It’s most efficient to slot people into tracks early

B… There’s potential in everyone

A-Because I said so

B… Let’s figure it out

A-Talent is inborn

B… Skill is earned

A-Investing in culture change pays off

B… People are separate from the culture

A-Push people away

B… Pull people closer

A-Conserve it for later

B… Use it all

A-Wait to get picked

B… Pick yourself

A-It takes a village

B… You can do it by yourself

A-Look forward

B… Look back


B… Create


B… Safety


B… Follow

A-Open doors for others

B… Take what you can

A-As long as it’s not against the law it’s fine

B… Do what’s right


B… Governance


B… Now

Sagar U.S

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