Project -“What India Needs” #selfieforindia #certificates #youngleaders

Friends, it was amazing effort by all stakeholders on April 18th & 23rd 2019, Bengaluru ,Karnataka ,Mark my Word- “India” is proud of your’s nation building activity.

New Leaders have emerged from this task – that’s the biggest reward one can expect !

The handle where few selfie’s have been posted in Instagram

You ,Yes You -Youngsters deserves big salute for participation and creating awareness to vote in your family ,friends and neighbors

Power of 1, yes one Individual roughly has impacted directly or indirectly to minimum 50

This Project started with a small thought of curiosity- like why the voting percentage is less in urban areas like benagluru- what can be done ?

5 Students of Seshadripuram Degree College were the motivation to leap forward and made me idea to fly !

Mayur and his team – Thank You

This question pulled me or i would be right to say nature pulled me towards Mr.Vijaykumar Sir ( VBEF) trust ,Justice Santosh Hegde Sir, & Mr, Srijan Pal Singh (kalalm Centre) and all the Professors in reputed college !

We US Foundation,VBEF, Kalam Center ,highly appreciate the effort to be part of this democracy activity

But Man of the Match goes to these individuals – who are they ?

Happy to inform , this project took a new shape ,major part of success credit goes to Prof.Sowmya Sharath Madam- Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies

Madam, was so pro active and inspired youngsters to vote and created in turn new leaders which country is proud of !

The Self less attitude of Madam is a lesson to replicate !

Thank You Madam!

Prof Lokesh Sir from Soundarya institute of management
and science is another my dearest go to person ,who played major role- Sir was Instrumental for this Project,Thank You Sir !

Academy of Higher Learning (MLA college) stood as pillar for this project -Principal Madam, Prof Sai Prasad Sir,the whole college staff , were like rock -they stood shoulder to shoulder with me and supported this session they were instrumental for arranging a quick session of Justice Santosh hedge Sir

Thank You MLA’s Academy of Higher Learning !

Thanks all my friends,youngsters ,and my family for making this project a grand success

Love -Sagar U.S

Small Aim is a Crime

Please find the attached excel – check your Name and sl number

Download the certificate and take a print out of your sl no certificate !

Good Luck

I am a Peaceful Human Being ,Yes I AM

I am a peaceful and powerful human being

I am strong

I have lot of time in a day

I am easy at everything in life

I can do everything I choose to do

I change myself

I will never respond to other negative reactions

I am in control of my life only

I see only good in every human being

I will be student of learning for entire day

I am strong being
I am strong human being

I will always smile in all my situations

Yes , I am peaceful human being

Repeat this ,I am doing this ,felt like sharing it !

Feel free to comment and share your experiences or learning or add few more lines which could add value !

Sagar U.S

One Sun ,One Moon ,One “Dr. RajKumar” and One Sachin Sachin Sachin

Singanalluru Puttaswamy Mutturaju

Also know as annavaru,padma bhushana,natasarvabhouma,rasikara raja,

The first human to say the audience as

“abhimanigale nam mane devru”

Namma -Karnataka Ratna
“Dr. RajKumar ”

The name has power ,the personality has humanity,the soul has only pure consciousness,the mind had only innocence,the body was built with steel,the mind was Bliss,the eyes are still alive,the heart is Kannada ,the words had only caring attitude ,the clothes was pure white , soul is harmless đź‘Ť

Earning was infinite Love to Kannada ,family friends and humanity

Having heard stories from closed sources –

Let me share

The rajanna ,yes namma rajanna was always used to start conversation first by asking the other person about his food,family well-being and
Family well-being then about business

This shows rajanna why he was our asset

He used to be discipline to the core and never wanted any problem from his actions

Discipline overthrows talent

He was a student till last day
No head weights !

Always used to say I don’t know !

We are proud to have you Anna

Love you forever

2. Then there comes another powerful person from powerful place

And My another childhood and till my hero

Sachin Tendulkar

He has given me so much joy , happiness which no one could come closer

I feel ,same applies to you

He has broken all his bones in his journey of 40 years

Sachin Sachin Sachin

Is still making me chills

Happy Birthday to both of our legends

Infinite love

Sagar U.S
Behalf of Karnataka , India and whole World






BankNifty Curiosity 2019 April 25th Expiry

Bank Nifty has closed at 29687 on Monday 22nd April 2019

I would be tracking 30000 call options monthly

Magic Number is 130 ,260,340,480

Below 80 danger signal up to 40 and 25

Below 25 by 2.40 pm to 3.02 pm on Thursday

Game over for 30000 call options bulls

Close below 80 on Tuesday and Wednesday will make bulls nervous and eventually they are out

But markets are expect the unexpected

If they are below 25 for 2 hours to 3 hours ,it’s confirmation that they are out of the contest

But any favourable news on afternoon of Expiry day – strategies change keep in mind |

Coming to Put Options

29500 Monthly

Magic Number is 170 ,240-270,330-370-410

Below 100 danger signal,below 40 game over for 29500 put options

Close below 170 on Tuesday and Wednesday gives a clue, bears are not yet ready

But they are very much in the game !

Be Careful on Expiry week

This options trading is only for professionals ,who are in markets for more than few years

First ,make profits in equities for few years consistently, then enter options markets

Let’s see what markets does

I change my opinion in a blink of an eye

Disclaimer-Its not a recommendation

Trade less

Trade from Saving money

Sagar U.S