Sagar U.S 2.0 Redefined 👍

My Mistakes in 1.0

1. Have curiosity from younger age

2. There is no failure in real world, make mistakes but acceptable
Learn from other mistakes if you can, but it’s tough!

3. Knowing ourself is important than knowing others

4. Say No

5. Stop Interacting with so called great people who thinks, they know everything

6. Pray Infinite good for those, whom we stop interacting with 😀

7. Treat common people to King with same respect

8. Eq, Fq, is more important than Iq

9. Build entrepreneur mindset

10. Know the world or society better

11. Always ask questions

12. Always know Why

13. Love what you do or keep doing still you Love ♥️

14. Be innovative and unique

15. Always say what can i give

16. Small Aim is a Crime

16. Nation First

17. Always think tomorrow would be great 👍

18. Save Yourself🙏

19. Believe your parents, family and friends, rest comes with crap

20. Work, don’t expect the fruits

21. This life is not You Vs Me, it’s Me vs Me

To be continued…..

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