170 % Return for the day – I know one thing, that I don’t know nothing! Sagar U.S

This article, I am writing not to prove I am good, this article is for my reference in future, when things goes tough, to read this again and again!

Work, don’t expect the fruit is my mantra

March month was blockbuster for me, thanks BankNifty 😂✌️🙏

Had written yesterday my plan about banknifty, please read the previous article for clear understanding

Today I executed my Trades,

Before that, let me tell you, I am in bliss because, my students have done fantastic for the day

Please see there performances

What more I require, this is my motivation to put extra effort

This is just teaser, 1 MILLION Entrepreneurs is my target

Coming to my buying and selling

Buying price 136

Selling price 362

Do check

I trade only when I get 1 time or 2 times

1 time is 100 percent

Or else I sit tight

If a fool like me can do you can do much better

Trade less

Trade from savings money

Sagar U.S


Small Aim is a Crime