You Vs Me, IPL Biggest Fitness Challenge 2019! Assured Goodies Upto 20000 Rupees 👍

Friends, Starting from today I am starting biggest IPL fitness challenge contest

Never ever, you would have come across this unique and innovative contest

I Win or lose , I will make You will Win 👍💯

Are you ready for the Skin in the game contest

Everyday whoever bets against me will be eligible for the contest

How it works

1. Everyday before the match, I would predict who wins or lose

2. If I win, you will be rewarded discount coupon worth 200 Rupees from Stocktale

3. If I lose, you will be rewarded a discount coupon worth 100 Rupees from Stocktale

4. Match is tied, Rain washed out, or No Result – both teams equal. Points – Contest is null and void for the match

5. Twist, here criteria is based not only with predictions of match results also with my walking yardstick , both would be taken as barometer for the discounts coupon


Match 1 – RCB vs CSK

Rules for the match (Decided by me before the matches)

If RCB Wins, I need to walk 4 kilometres

If CSK Wins, 1 need to walk 7 kilometres

Imagine my bet is with RCB

Assume rcb wins, and I do walk 4 kilometres the next day, you will be getting an additional 200 rupees worth discount coupon from Stocktale

The net winning discount coupon would be 400 Rupees for the match

If RCB Wins, and I don’t walk 4 kilometres you will get bonus 50 rupess discount coupon

The net would be 250 Rupees worth discount coupon for the match

Scenerio 2 – CSK Wins you will get 100 rupees discount coupon from Stocktale

But now the twist, if csk wins and I walk 7 kilometres, you would be receiving additional discount coupons worth 100 rupees

You would have won now 200 rupees worth coupon from the match

Now, imagine csk won and I won’t walk, you will get additional discount coupon worth 25 rupees, now you have net coupon worth 125 rupees for the match

Hope, you understood friend

Read Again!

6. To participate in this contest

Registration for entire IPL season is 100 Rupees

You need to transfer the amount to Army Fund account 🇮🇳👍

7. Next important point is, everyday I will show my fitness tracker with image and video as the evidence on how much I have done walking for the day

No cheating from my side – and this is my pledge!

8. Do you wanna help me to become fit and you want to be skilled

Play and Participate along with me

I win or lose, I will make you win

Sagar U.S

Curiosity and imagination is raw ingredients for survival

Terms and conditions is vested with Stocktale

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