How to Crack Stock Research Advisory Company Job !

Hello Friends,

Hope You PAYTM after you gets the Job! I am seriously kidding!

First, go through their website for the services they offer

Example – Dreamgains is one of the research companies


What does Dreamgains does?

They offer Research Services and charge fees!

Remember friends, stockmarkets is probabilities, uncertain &random above
all it is bluff master!

Stock Markets is a Profession ,where it takes money from who has less
patience ,discipline and transfers to people who has patience and discipline

So, suppose you have a interview in research company – first understand what
services does the company provide, and above that under which exchanges they
are offering!

As said earlier there are 3 exchanges


MCX- Where we trade Commodities – What Commodities so we trade ,the most
popular one are- Gold,Silver,Crudeoil,Aluminium,Copper,Lead,Nickel,Zinc

Check out, which are the most active traded commodities !

Now, let us come to NSE and BSE Segment

Which products do they offer –

There are 2 products available in stockmarkets – Equities, Derivatives

In Equities – We have -Intraday & Delivery

Intraday – Buy and Sell same day, also known as Day trading!

Intraday – Why one does Intraday or day trading –

One simple reason – to make quick money or buck!

Remember Friends, when we can analyse or speculate what may happen in stocks
for just a day – we buy or sell intraday

If we are right – we make profit

If we are wrong -we lose money

When does one do delivery –
When we can analyse or speculate what may happen in stocks for more than a
single day

If we buy today 14th March 2019 and sell 24 March 2019-we call that as
positional or swing trading

If we buy today 14th March 2019 and sell 24 March 2029-we call that as

If we buy/sell today 14th March 2019 and sell/buy 15 March 2019-we call that
as buy today and sell tomorrow, or sell today and buy tomorrow

There are 2 types of participants in markets – Investor and Trader

If we buy and sell within one year – trader

If we buy and sell more than one year -investor

In equities markets – we can sell first and buy later only for intraday

In equities delivery – we first need to buy, and then only we need to sell,
we can’t sell first, as we don’t have any shares to sell in advance

Why do we sell first – when we think ,the stock may fall for the day -why it
may fall – there are infinite reasons for fall – few reasons could be -company
may have announced less profits, more loss, less than anticipated
profits,scams,controversy ,less orders ,low business, competition on the
markets etc

Why do we buy first – when we think, the stock may rise for the day – vice
versa of the above reasons!

That’s done for Equities Markets

Now, let us understand derivatives markets products

4 types are there – Stock Future, Stock Options, Index Future,
and Index Options

In India – we have 3 contracts – Near month, Midmonth and
far month Contract

Expiry of the contract happens every last Thursday of the

That we call as monthly expiry

Index and stock we have monthly expiry!

Now, recently we have weekly options started too

Weekly options are only for INDEX, we don’t have weekly
options for stocks

In Index – we trade only in Nifty and Bank Nifty!

Equities – Is known’s as Asset

Derivatives – is not a asset, it moves up or down based on assets,
it doesn’t have independent value, it is dependent

There are three trends in Markets – Up, down and sideways

How do we analyse the markets – Technical or fundamental analysis

We do three things in Markets-

Which Company we buy or sell

Which price we buy or sell

How much do we buy or sell

As a business development executive – first understand the
products and offer to the customer

To get a job, first understand, whats the markets movements
for the day

What is the closing price of each stock? High, low and quantities
or volume traded?

Where do you get

Find out which companies where gainers and losers for the

Find out what events are happening in the markets

98 % of the people lose money in markets, they say, and it’s

The database which you may get may involve freshers in markets
or experience people in stockmarkets

Fresher’s – you need to explain why they need to invest or
trade in markets, how much money they can make money

Companies past track record and also give some free trail,
so that you can convince the prospect to subscribe you products

If they database is experience – tell them, how better you
can make them make money – don’t be over smart – because you are dealing with a
person who has already lost money – when you say i will help making money-they
don’t believe

So better tell them, see our performance first and then take
a call

If say this to the interviewer, definitely he will get up
and give you job!

Hope so!

Be calm, be smart

Wish you good luck

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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