Bank Nifty has closed at 27625 on 6th March 2019 .

What’s my strategy for this month expiry ?

Disclaimer – It’s My Strategy ,You should have your OWN strategy to make YOUR PROFIT!

Trade Less ,Trade from Savings Money !

Coming to my view –

I would track 27500 call MONTHLY options for the next few weeks

Today close price is 497

Magic number is 370 and 270 if above this number ,no where i am looking towards bears !

Bears to come back they need to close below 270 for few days or more ,there are another 16 days left for the expiry – Long way for traders in derivatives markets

let it close below 270,will update later my coming view here!

Now ,coming to bulls ,what they want – they have won the first round ,another 3 rounds left for this month !

They want to keep the premium above 450-500 for most part of the next 16 days

If they are above this – they would like to go upto 640-700-740-840-910

Lets see what bulls want and how they go about!

Coming to Put Side

I would track 27000 put options monthly

MAGIC number is 90 and 180

Below this Premium bears would be losing the battle

Close below 180 for few days or weeks ,whats the clue ?- bears are out of first round

Close below 90 for few days or weeks ,final confirmation !

TIME FRAME is important – 22nd March to 28th March – Below 90 out of the game

If they comeback on between 22nd to 28th march , anything can happen ! this is stock markets !

Rule no 1 – never predict the markets !

But bears will come back to the game only above 270-390 on upside

Till it closes above 270 ,no where looking towards bears camp ,if they are,then the first clue has been created !

next,they need to close above 370 for few days ,then i would look on bears camp

This strategy changes with a blink of a eye

All the best -Trade Less – Trade from Savings money – Your strategy your profit -My strategy My profit

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !


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