Jack Ma Career Advice to Youths

One of my guru is “Jack Ma”- I thank Infinite to Jack Ma,for all his teachings ,we love you sir infinite !

Okay , let me start !

Have no idea what you have want to do in life ?

Neither did Jack Ma ,until 40 years old !

He never thought he will be a teacher ,businessmen, but he had thought to be policemen,but that never happened,he was rejected !

He wanted to be a waiter in KFC too,he was rejected ! We don’t know what we may become -so believe in yourself ! If jack ma can,i can,and you too can !

Don’t Try to be best ,Be the First !

Be the first to change ,Be the first to take challenge ,Be the first to overcome the difficulties !

Don’t give up ,believe you are unique ! If everybody is unique ,being yourself is the KEY !

This world today ,is full of opportunity and challenges ! Two thousand years ago was full of opportunity and challenges and Two thousand years later it will be full of opportunities and challenges

It always depends upon how you look at it ,if somebody who looks challenges as an opportunity – You are Bingo ! You are Unique !

Young people say there are no opportunities,but opportunities lies where there is challenges ,opportunities lies where there is complaints !

If you can solve the challenges ,you will be successful

The Bigger the challenge you solve ,bigger the fruit !

” You don’t need to know a lot of things to start ,you have to find the smart people who are smarter than you are “

Job of Entrepreneur is to find the smart people and make them work together,if smart people work together ,it’s get easier ,the vision you believe can be achieved .

Stupid people can work together easily ,smart people can’t work together easily !

When you are 20-30 years old ,you should follow a good boss .Join a good company ,learn to do things properly !

When you are 30-40 years old ,if you want to do yourself -start a business ,just do it !

You still can afford to lose or fail . You have time to comeback in life !

But when you 40-50 years old,you should do things which you are good at ,trying new things may be bit dangerous !

When you are 50 -60 years old ,you should spend time training and developing younger talents to take over your business

Over 60 years old,stay with grandchildren !

Business in future depends on flexibility ,quickness,customization,user friendliness

Want to be happy? Be healthy !

Next 30-50 years,because of ever changing technology ,life science will change a lot ,people would live longer – if we are not healthy ,how can we be happy being alive so long !

Let all of us including me ,shall be healthy and solve the bigger challenges from “NOW”

As Sri Krishna Says” Work but don’t expect the fruit “

Expectation is first step to frustration !

If this article helped you,please to do share with your infinite friends ,till all the youth reads !

Reading is CRAP ,Implementation is the KEY !

Sagar U.S


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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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